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    4th Annual Relly Awards

    I know the Knicks Dancers were nominated this year for this video clip of Kelly dancing with them, and she is actually pretty good considering she only practiced for a month for it. http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009/09/18...ly-relly-award/ I dont have a list tho
  2. ArterialSpray

    4th Annual Relly Awards

    Does anyone know who this years nominees are??
  3. ArterialSpray

    I Am Legend

    It was a fun ride. Nothing is perfect like the continuity issues her but it was a fun ride none the less.
  4. ArterialSpray

    Vantage Point

    Yeah I was irked that I sat through this. See it online or on video but not in theaters.
  5. ArterialSpray


    This movie was awesome, some people wh read the book didn't like it. To them I say, stay out of the theater.
  6. ArterialSpray

    Gone Baby Gone

    I never felt terribly compelled to see it.
  7. ArterialSpray

    Iron Man

    I'm going to see it this weekend
  8. ArterialSpray

    Sex And The City Movie Premiere

    I've been lookin forward to this for a while as well. They filmed some of it near my cousin's apartment in Brooklyn too.
  9. ArterialSpray

    Nbc Welcomes Fallon To 'late Night'

    big shoes and a big suit to fill as well