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  1. JJCanMan


    He was a smart competitor. I think he would have gone far in the game if he hadn't made his "800" alliances so quickly lol But why wouldn't you wanna take out your strongest competitor if you had the perfect opportunity like they all did with him being on the block. Keep him in the game and he would have maneuvered his way into the end.
  2. He'll nominate Dan & Angie and if one wins POV, Steven will be up and out
  3. I may be the only Libra fan on this site
  4. I'm hoping they focus on the feeds more. As for Dick hosting, he has some good comments BUT he needs to stop making the show all about himself. That shit bores the hell outta me.
  5. I'm a die-hard BB fan and never been happy with a winner but I always keep watching. Sharon/Ryan fiasco was unreal but I don't put anything past Grodner anymore. I'll keep watching
  6. See Gpunk, the good thing about Forums is that everyone has a different respectable opinion. People can state what they want and how they feel they personally viewed a certain season. Some seasons were better than others. Some people will stick with feeds for a whole season and some won't due to many reasons. I've been watching since S1. I hated seasons 4 & 9 for several reasons. The Ex-Factor just sucked IMO and season 9 was a complete train wreck with no outstanding HGs that I thought played an excellent game. Will I watch season 10? I sure will. Grodner and her production team need to bring some new ideas to the table. Ratings have been sinking for a few seasons now. Some say Evel Dick winning his season was the beginning of BB's downfall. Who knows, all depends on if you liked his game play or not or if you found he was favoured by production. We can talk in circles, it is what it is. I would take it most members on this board do know the meaning of reality TV shows and I honestly don't think anyones' taken a holier than thou attitude. Correct me if I'm wrong but you may have picked on peoples' personal levels of excitement and that was uncalled for. I pretty much think we can feel our excitement level is a 3 for S10 if you hated S9 and think Grodner can do better. ALL a matter of your OWN opinion.
  7. In season 1, what pageant title did Jamie hold?
  8. This is one guy I don't mind laughing AT! In this case, don't hate the game, hate the player lol I have to admit he gave me a good laugh.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time BB's actually done a commercial using multiple season HGs? When they were promoting season 9, did they not use only season 8 HGs? Gaaaah, BB10 has got to be better than 9...it just HAS TO!
  10. Found this on youtube...BB10 commercial BB10 COMMERCIAL
  11. I'm really disliking Paul so Nicole killing him in his sleep would be funny LOL I really can't ever imagine Bobby doing TAR. Can he walk 10 feet without being in pain and whiny? He needs to stfu.
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