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    Did You All Like This Season

    I didn't like last season. I like 9, 7, 3, and 2 best with the All Stars from 6 sprinkled in there. All that being said 9 could have been maybe the best if they came in by themselves with the Jen/Ryan and Sharon/???? thing hidden...
  2. jonnyc

    Mrs Froman's Poem - Thanks!

    Not a fan of the poem though it is funny. I thought BB9 was great like most of the other seasons.
  3. I've read the UPDATE PAGE all season and am wondering if it's just the UPDATERS who seem to not like this season? I loved it for the most part. Certain players I grew to hate but with After Dark and live feeds I think we all see too much for our own good. There were maybe 2 or 3 of the seasons better than 9 but I really liked it and think Ryan is one of the most deserving Final 2's ever. The dude flat out won and over came a ton of hurdles. Interested in others thoughts.
  4. I think the sequestered people wil see that Adam was happy to get Shelia out a nd remember ho whe never made the HARD decisions. Plus Ryan was the man this year and deserves the money more then any of them.. I like Adam, he's a good #2.......