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  1. I don't understand what is wrong with Jeff this year...he seems like a different person to me? Was he always this big of an a-hole? He seems miserable, like he hates being in that house and is taking it out on everyone. (even Jordo) Something is just not right with him this year.
  2. I think she needs to put up Rachel and try to get her out more than either Brenden or Jeff. Rachel is a super competitor, she's won more than either of those guys. If she doesn't, I'm betting Rachel wins HOH next week. So I'd go for Rachel if I was Dani. I wouldn't make any deals with those guys, they aren't gonna keep them. They can tell her they won't put her up next week but I bet they would. LOVE Dani!
  3. Thanks kywildcat! I didn't think I saw it on any of the televised shows! I heard them talking about it on BBAD too so I know it happened but they never showed in on any of the shows. Wonder why? This year is so strange!
  4. Stupid question guys but hubby asked me this morning and I honestly couldn't remember! Did they ever show Lane getting his phone call from home? I also couldn't find it on Quirkydude's videos posted on YouTube! (It was Episode 21) They only showed the chum baths, head shaving and Britney being chained to Brendan - they didn't show the phone call during that episode. Did they ever show it?
  5. You're right - the only person she's hurting is herself. I just keep thinking what an unhappy, miserable person she must be to have this need to dump on others? Because I don't think that makes her happy? I don't understand her at all.
  6. *vomits* You just had to go there, huh?
  7. For those who haven't seen the Jeff/Russell fights from the past few days, clipser.com has them up. (shhhhhh....) Russell looks/sounds like such a tool but Jeff acts like an idiot in the first fight too.
  8. That's what I thought! Thankee.
  9. Does anyone besides me think that Michelle probably secretly thinks Jeff is a major asshole? I know she thinks he's hot but the way he talks to her (and Jordan) sometimes, I can see her thinking "STFU you asshole"
  10. Wait, didn't she tell them last night? I'm almost positive she did as J/J are now having second thoughts about trusting Nat.
  11. I've been waiting for this girl to win...something? Anything? Doesn't she say every single week that she's "going to win this HOH or POV"?? Love it, what a loser. But maybe my opinion would change if she WON SOMETHING!
  12. It's LML...means "last minute lie". (I think)
  13. I'm thinking this is all anger he's been holding in since the very beginning?
  14. Nah, Jeff's not gonna make it that far. (I doubt anyhoo) And I don't think there is a prayer in hell that he'd vote for Jeff/Jordan. Too bad, I was starting to like Russ.
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