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  1. WanderingAround

    Episode 13: "if It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese!"

    He didnt walk. He RAN. Poor kid. But dayum that was a DUMB move. DUMB.
  2. WanderingAround

    Erik Reichenbach

    I had high hopes for Erik and wanted him to win. Hes a sweet kid, naive and did a very STUPID THING. Geez. DUMB!!!
  3. WanderingAround

    Cirie Fields

    Did anyone hear her say SHE wanted to throttle the chicken? That chick is gross.
  4. WanderingAround

    Cirie Fields

    And as usual, Cirie again loses a challenge. Big surprise. Not. I seriously don't understand the Cirie Love. That chick can't do ANYTHING. I'll be thrilled when she is finally voted out. Can't stand Natalie. That chick is nasty.
  5. Both are even in the Ick department. Both seasons, I didn't much care for the contestants.
  6. WanderingAround

    Thursday, April 24th

    Adam is spineless, just like that nasty Chelsea said. He shouldnt have thrown the comp and won, then chose Sheila. Can't stand Sheila, but I'd rather see her up there with Adam than Ryan. Adam just doesn't have the ...um...gonads (to put it more politely) to do what's in his own best interests. In short..spineless. Plus, Ryan still wins. He gets second place, plus the money Adam will give him. Again, Adam is spineless. He couldn't even get where he is now without bribing Ryan. Blech. I still don't like ANY of the choices.
  7. WanderingAround

    Tuesday, April 22nd

    Well, I know who the racist is, but who is the rapist and where did you get that from?
  8. WanderingAround

    Monday, April 21

    If those who pay for live feeds DON'T do it next go round in protest, they may not do this again. But BB knows that won't happen. Right?
  9. WanderingAround


    What??? TELL TELL TELL! WHY do I think DR and producers had a hand in this? Betcha.
  10. WanderingAround

    Monday, April 21

    I don't know how I feel about adam. Half the time, I can't stand him. He picks his private parts, he chews with his mouth full, he is disgusting when it comes to talking about women and special needs folks, he is in general icky. Then, he will go from this horrible mess of a human being and his face will squinch and his huge eyeballs will well up with tears if someone is crying in front of him and he is kind, gentle, humble and I want him to be my friend. Then he does his pickin' and chewin' and lamblastin' with speech I can't understand and I'm back to hating him again. Sigh.
  11. WanderingAround


    omg. I have to start wearing ear plugs while Sharon is in the house. That screaming wOOOOOOO of hers is KILLING my eardrums.
  12. WanderingAround

    Sunday, April 20th

    Gotta tell ya, Marty, that avatar makes me smile every time I see you post.
  13. WanderingAround


    Sharon winning BB would be like Cirie winning survivor. May as well change the show names to Best Floater/Leeches.
  14. WanderingAround

    Sunday, April 20th

    I like it here too. I read SS, but I won't ever participate again. They think I'm a wuss for not battling. I call it them not being worth the battle. heh To answer my own question on which one to win? Adam. He plans on giving it to charity.
  15. WanderingAround

    Sunday, April 20th

    Some get emotionally invested in these people, yes. Myself included at time. That's why BB is such a big hit with the audience. And yes, sometimes the frustration comes out, but from what I've seen here at Morty's, its nothing like at SS where all are reamed a new one just for not being part of the clique even if you do agree with what everyone else says. So being frustrated is normal. Being at Morty's is good too, because so far, we are all allowed our differing opinions on each HG without having to battle boardmates as well. Conerning the HG's in general..they ALL suck and NONE deserve a dime. But that isn't up to us, is it? So therefore, one must win. Which is the least worst of them all? I know. That's a difficult question, isn't it?