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    whats happened?

    Everyone vote for kaysar!!!!!! That will devastate Cappy's Team......Besides, who wants lights out at 11:30 from the boss Cappy......VOTE KAYSAR!!!!!!
  2. princess30

    Today on HC

    Today the designer of the big brother house was on Housecalls. He was telling us that there are tons of little secrets and surpises in the house, including the flower pot. If they pull the flowers out of the pot there is a secret compartment under them.....Very interesting....and these people in the house as numb as turds.....The secrets places in the house will never be found by them on their own. They will have to be given hints.......I would be checking everything out in the house, and not worrying about everyone else......good lord people, Use what little brains you guys have........
  3. princess30

    Janelle is too funny.......

    Thank You......Well whoever said it, i thought it was funny......I hope they do make her cry why I'm watching so I can laugh my ass off!!!!!!
  4. She is talking to Howie and Rachel on the Hammock and says....Can we make April Cry again....it's so easy...and they are all laughing.....I love it!!I would make her cry all the damn time if I were in that house.....hehehehehe, I would ag Janelle on to make April Cry really hard.....and laugh my ass off when she did it!!!!!! hehehehehe :twisted:
  5. princess30

    April and K-Mart

    That was great!!!!!!!
  6. princess30


    Janelle was combing through all her hair extentions after she got out of the shower at 1:30am. It took her forever and underneath all that hair there is truly a mess. They are all matted up, and tangled, looks like a mess. I wonder what she would look like without them. I bet her hair is wicked thin. No wonder it takes her 2 hours to do her hair.........
  7. princess30

    Live Feed Discussion

    They are working on the safes. They are looking at a piece of paper. Where did they get the piece of paper????? HELP.........
  8. princess30


    He is in the bathroom talking to Ivette and saying you can't be in this game without me Ivette......Will he stick to his alliance? I'm thinking James has the hots for Ivette, little does he know she doesn't like weiners.......LOL....This will be good!!!!!!
  9. April is outside with April smoking, and April is talking to Janelle and saying how is it fair to me that I don't have a partner? And then she said Janelle maybe you are my cousin and We don't know it. Janelle said I don't have any realatives in Texas.....LMAO. Now Janelle is saying anything can happen to the evicted houseguests. April said what do you mean? Janelle said the evicted houseguests can be sequestered and come back. You never know. April just give it up.......No one is this house is as stupid as you and Ivette...
  10. princess30

    Live Feed Discussion

    Kaysar told Eric that he is the one being put up in James spot. This happened after the POV Competition.
  11. Maggie is sitting at the table and talking to Sarah, Beau, and Ivette and said, Everything I said is true......and I'm not a lesbian or a hippy....lmfao......Eric walks in and says Ivette you aren't alone. Ivette says everyone has a motive and I'm alone. I feel like I'm at a disadvantage......Whatever. She is so trying to make it like she is playing by herself. Eric tells Ivette anything we discussed in private, are still private. No one knows anything you told me in private. Now James is in the Gold room talking to Janelle and Howie that Ivette is crying to everyone trying to convince them that she is alone in the house......NO ONE believes it at all Evilette, get a Clue!!!!!! This is getting good!!!!! I bet Ivette walks out of the house!!!!!
  12. princess30

    As the BB6 works turns

    I can't pull myself from the feeds, and it's beautiful outside, but it's prettier here on the feeds. heheheheheh I'm lovin this season!!!!!! Way To Go CBS!!!! :twisted:
  13. princess30

    Pairs Speculations

    Omg, April and Ivette crying in the storage room, b/c they don't have a pair in the house....Oh come on, Not everyone is a stupid as you two!!! This is getting so good, and I can't wait to see the look on April/Ivette's face when Julie announces Thursday about the pairs......heheheheheheheh