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  1. Judd and Aaryn for final two, methinks.
  2. Hmmm, still think Elissa will bite the dust.
  3. Anyone know what her 'idea' was in putting up Nick? I have feeds and knew it was coming but dang if I know why.
  4. Marty

    Hey where have you been? I miss your smart self and the help you give us.

  5. HEY... H U L U ....

    You OK ???

    Hope you're not buried under pizza boxes and can't get up ! !

  6. Just dropped by to say 'hello' and wish you well!

  7. 1) I thought Felix the Cat was cool. 2) Heckle & Jeckle too. 3) Mighty Mouse was my hero! 4) Popeye Am I telling my age here? Oops!
  8. hey Lady, just dropped by to see how you're doin. See ya in Chat :)

  9. 7:04pm BBT (not much to cap anymore) Dinner is provided by BB tonight.
  10. 6:12pm BBT Final HoH Comp Pt. 1 is underway. Jerry is already out. 6:31pm 6:45pm Dan wins!
  11. 9:07pm BBT Keesh tells Dan that she thinks Memp will vote her out. Earlier today (11:38am) 10:14pm (She knows) As Keesh showers 11:42pm BBT 12:31am BBT 12:55am Lights out.
  12. 9:45pm BBT Dan & Memp throw a bug into a spider's web and watch as the spider goes to work. They try to catch a moth but fail. They catch a bee and throw it at the web but it goes right through. Jerry helping now. Finally, they get a moth in the web. 9:50pm
  13. 5:40pm BBT They get a flag and Dan looks for a place to install it.
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