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  1. MissMeliss

    Hayden Moss - Preseason

    He'd be pretty with a haircut, I hope he's not a tool!
  2. MissMeliss

    Ragan Fox - Preseason

    His voice is annoying a bit but he doesn't like Boogie so that's a plus for me. I have no opinion yet...
  3. MissMeliss

    Rachel Reilly - Preseason

    I like her personality but it seems so fake... we'll see.
  4. MissMeliss

    Enzo Palumbo - Preseason

    I don't like him, he for some reason reminds me of Adam. He's an egomaniac and I hate that quality, immediate turn off!
  5. Michael(cowboy) Chima Gnatalie Eric (Americas Player) Couldn't stand the entire S9 cast.
  6. MissMeliss

    Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    I'm mostly a lurker, I post here and there but usually you all say what I'm thinking so I don't even need to say anything. I'll try more though
  7. MissMeliss

    Kevin - BB 11

    I like him a lot! Hes Blasian who understands geekaneese. I think hes funny and I hope he doesnt leave early because people cant take him calling them out! Hes refreshing.
  8. MissMeliss

    Jessie - BB 11

    I wish it was Brian too but Id take Jessie over Jessica... he'll be out soon enough anyway.
  9. MissMeliss

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    I like it. I wouldnt want to sleep in the pool room but I think its cool. I love the HOH room, love it! Also the livingroom, I like the plant thing in it. The kitchen, meh, nothing too exciting there.
  10. MissMeliss

    Mole Under consideration for new season..

    Ive been watching repeats on GSN... I SOO hope they bring this back, one of my favorite shows!
  11. MissMeliss

    America's Next Top Model 12

    I dont like Celia, cant stand her actually.... but I dont really care much for Tahlia either so meh, they can both go home and I would be happy.
  12. MissMeliss

    BB Moment

    Dustins eviction... his face was priceless!
  13. MissMeliss

    America's Next Top Model 12

    Celia has irked me from day one too, I too can not put my finger on why though, I just cant stand her. Im glad Tyra put her in her place and Im hoping she got knocked off the top of the list. I love Alison.... something about her, he uniqueness maybe. Sandra staying over Kortnie was a shock to me because Sandra has been so blah.
  14. MissMeliss

    Question about season 8

    I figured... thanks Yana!
  15. MissMeliss

    America's Next Top Model 12

    I wont be watching it till late when the kiddies are in bed but Im so exctied!