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  1. survivor200

    Best Survivor Player Ever Tournament

    Richard Tom Lex Ethan Colby Sue Kelly Tina Brian Alex? both werent good Neleh? both werent good Jenna Kathy Vecepia Deena Rob C Jenna Rupert Twila Amber Darrah Sandra Shii Ann Andrew Danni Aras Tom Steph Rafe? both werent good Ian Terry Cirie i think ur missing key players...Lydia, Scout they both managed to make to the final 4...that takes a lot...what about Alicia Calaway?
  2. survivor200

    Best Survivor Player from each season

    OH Sorry...didnt really think about it...your favorite player...SORRY!
  3. Hey everybody! Since Survivor Guatamala isnt for awhile... I want to know who you all thought were the best TOP 4Survivors from each season. Please put in order of your favorite. Season 1: Kelly, Rudy, Colleen, Greg Season 2: I didnt watch it...going to buy the DVD...but i think the best would be...Colby, Tina, Amber, Alicia Season 3: Didnt watch but...Ethan, Teresa, Tom, Lex Season 4: Didnt watch either. Kathy, Tammy, Zoe, Boston Rob :twisted: Season 5: Penny, Jan, Ken, Shii Ann Season 6: Jenna, Heidi, Jeanne, Dave Season 7: Rupert, Trish, Sandra, Darrah Season 8: Rupert, Jenna L, Amber, Shii Ann Season 9: Scout, Twila, Chris, Leann Season 10: Tom, Janu, Stephenie, Ian
  4. survivor200

    Paula Abdul

    Yup! Im from Cleveland and happy he is still in! lol :clap
  5. survivor200

    Final Four Poll

    Just since the merge is coming up...hopefully. I wanna see who everyone thinks is going to make the final four. I have a couple in mind myself. Just want to see what you all think!
  6. survivor200

    Who Should Return

    Wanda was a little different...ok maybe a lot different...they definetly need to bring her back! She may be the next Lil, Kim J, Tina, Kathy, Scout. Who knows!
  7. survivor200

    Who Should Return

    Im surprised to see no for Jolanda! She was interesting :twisted:
  8. survivor200

    Who Should Return

    I want to see what tribe member you would like to see back in the game.
  9. survivor200

    Jury Poll: First Juror

    I think it is going to be Gregg :? Janu wont be the first Koror member out..I mean common it has to be someone more stronger. More than likely Gregg. Caryn I suspect will make the final five. I think Tom will have the tables turn on him and he and Ian get chopped off. Anything can happen. Bobby Jon may slide a couple weeks in. But Steph may not last long. Back to Gregg, he will cause a split in the tribe and will possibly be out. :wink:
  10. Hey this poll is about who is going to win Apprentice 3! Vote!
  11. survivor200

    Who is going to Win?

    Personally I like Nadia Turner, she has class. But over the previous episodes she has been in the Bottom 3 maybe she will get a comeback...wouldnt mind seeing Anthony out next
  12. survivor200

    Who is going to Win?

    Ok! I wanna know who everyone thinks is going to win! Do the Poll!
  13. survivor200

    General Discussion

    OK! Erin wont make the Final 2 because she is fired! It doesnt work