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    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    YES !!! Julie is addressing this on the Talk !! she's discussing how she was personally offended by this . If anyone can put this up please do .
  2. Brooklyngirl

    GinaMarie - Week 2

    She's from Staten Island which is between Brooklyn and New Jersey and their hang out is the Jersey Shore trust me she fits right in .However her comments only fit into a small area of New Yorkers as a whole. I was born and raised here , I have lived in affluent neighbourhood 's as well as the "hood" and the" melting pot " is real. Being a bigoted racist here just doesn't fly .. and talking that mess to someone's face will get your ass kicked lol
  3. Brooklyngirl

    Howard - Week 2

    @ NY ROSE well said .
  4. Brooklyngirl

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    Sure as long as she stops making these stupid comments , as long as she's doing that this issue won't go away . She young and has ruined her life . SHE did that, her and who ever raised her,. This is learned behaviour I don't think it's going to stop until someone calls her out to her face .. that should raise ratings!
  5. Brooklyngirl

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    I will be at home tomorrow and will watch The Talk , just to see if this issue is further addressed . I really want them to have the nerve, especially since they were so vocal about Paula Deen." C'mon Julie , tell us what you REALLY think ."
  6. Brooklyngirl

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    So BB" Outed" Arayan tonight by having Howard address what she said in his DR session then they played it back .. she's toast but now they need to show the other's for who they really are . I can barely watch this season .. I have not like players before , but she takes the cake and I hope she's manipulated right out of the game .. Personally I think that crew of bigots should be replaced. JMO
  7. Hello Everyone !! I admit to being all three .. work schedule changed once again so now I will miss BBAD too!! so I will be here for everything BB14 my first season being unable to watch .. thank god for MORTY's , I follow FB and Twitter so I've been around all year just too busy to post .. Have a great season everybody
  8. Brooklyngirl

    Live Eviction Show 9/8

    like we didn't know this last night .. adam is cocky
  9. Brooklyngirl

    (Non) Live Eviction Shows 9/7

    Yes ... finally people are seeing what I saw weks ago, .. and it's funny that he only shows that side with women .. i said he and Brendon had some aggression issues and I stand by it .. I like a strong man but you can be strong without losing your cool.. did not like any of this seasons player's but I really hated the Vet's being back and thinking it was their right to the money and everyone be a pawn jeff stop beating a dead horse you lost !!!
  10. Brooklyngirl

    (Non) Live Eviction Shows 9/7

    Gee Jeff .. bitter much?? lol, I hope they can all move on .. "it's a game" is their favorite quote in BB house so glad this season is done only said that about one other season .. smh ... but I will be back next season and will try to hang out for surviver this year .. it's been fun as usual Morty's has the best on line crew ever and I loved chatting and reading/giving opinions .. till next year !!
  11. Brooklyngirl

    Adam - Week 10 - HOH

    what's the point if you're giving game away ? he's taking rachel and Jordan , and the're taking each other
  12. thanks to Adam , she's safe .. no way uit will be vet vs newbie
  13. Brooklyngirl

    Rachel - Week 10

    she's safe
  14. regardless of what she may or may not have done I think she should have made final 3 over the ultimate floater Adam ., hell even Porche won something so hate her if you want... she used her BRAIN when needed and won something .. they didn't dumb comps down to make it a" sure win" like they did for other players. None of theses ppl are favorites of mine , although I may like Jordan she played the exact same game as before and floated to the end. Rachel proved my point She's a MUCH better person without Brendon Adam is just a waste of space and played Jordan's game float on I stopped watching BBAD when stupid Porche opened Pandoras box and check into Morty chat every few day's I follow on Twitter so kept up but i hated this season and am glad it's over So BB that's 2 out of 13 that were a bust for me:animated_wave:
  15. Brooklyngirl

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    It's not how you win the Game , "It's how you float" Porche and Adam