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  1. jerseygirl17

    Danielle, Week 11 - Evicted 9/19, 3rd Place

    TRUE but if AG thought it were helping people like Joe or Jo Jo then it might be different because I doubt they would want them in the end. But they have it hard for Dan so if it benefits him it doesn't matter. Dani is making it so obvious that she forgot about Shane and now has eyes for Dan. She will let a man sh!t all over her just to get a little attention. Dan lies to her and laughs in her face and she all goo goo ga ga over him.
  2. jerseygirl17

    Sunday, September 16th - Live Feed & BBAD

    Is it me or does Dani really got it bad for Dan and that's why she won't do anything against him. I don't think it matters that he's married to her and after Wednesday she will be just a crazy stalker that any guy who watched BB will run when they see her coming. This girl needs to grow up and stop chasing male attention and affection.
  3. I want Ian to win it and wish he got a secret power from Pandora's box where if he wins the final comp he can then choose to replace both Dan and Dani with a jury member for the F2. What a twist that would be and such a shocker. I don't think Dani deserves it and the coaches had free game play and then got to play against some who imo had no clue of how to play BB and were recruited and did not apply and then play against Janelle, Boogie and Dan totally unfair. They all need to appreciate being in there and be respectful of the house and take care of their mess while they are in there. Can't they each pick a area to clean and switch it up every day. I'm sure some one is adult enough to come up with something besides being a bunch of slobs.
  4. jerseygirl17

    Danielle, Week 11 - Evicted 9/19, 3rd Place

    Why does BB allow Dani to threaten Ian that she will tell the jury lies about him. If this is coaching to win then it's coaching how to lie and bully a person and make them clearly upset. I bet Dan was bullied as a kid and enjoys having Dani do his dirty work Dan is such a @ussy.
  5. I agree and I hope the Catholic school watches how it is so easy for Dan to lie with his hand on the bible. I don't go to church and I still would never do that. Money and winning is more important then his faith. I also feel he is getting Danielle to bully Ian and if that's his only option as a coach he is pathetic.
  6. jerseygirl17

    Sunday, September 16th - Live Feed & BBAD

    I'm watching BBAD and also reading the updates from earlier and this has to be the most disgusting game play I have ever seen. ED had the ballz to do things and say things to each hg's face and not hide and have some one else do his dirty work. Dan and Dani are scum trying to intimidate Ian and clearly upsetting him because Dan & Dani are sore losers. Is Dan such a wimp that he can't beat Ian Wednesday to make sure he and Dani are F2. I wish the dr would talk to him instead of catering to Dan again. I am not a church going person but I could not lie with my hand on the bible or have Dani try and intimidate a kid who is trying to live out his dream. Dani and Dan are scum and I would not admit to being related to if I was. BB should have The Biggest Scumbag award and it would go to Dan and Dan. I also wish I could see Dani's when she sees how many fans she has on the internet. I guess BB is behind Dan and hopes to give him first place.
  7. jerseygirl17

    How will the jury vote? Danielle vs Ian

    I hope Ian wins it
  8. He had AG / DR behind him and was their favorite HG in both seasons. Both seasons Dan was one of the first ones they talked about getting out then suddenly they changed their minds. Also he's playing with people who were found and not true hardcore BB fans. I get mad when a hg says BB found them online, a club or someplace else. How about the thousands of people who apply every season. Well maybe one or two that apply get in. Why apply when it's obvious they want people who don't know the game that well so they can get them to do what they want in the DR.
  9. jerseygirl17

    Danielle, Week 11 - Evicted 9/19, 3rd Place

    I thought Dani was a HG but really she's a puppet Dan had with him. Can we add to BB 14 "The Dumbest HG" and give it to Dani. I don't think she will be able to close her mouth when she gets evicted.
  10. Hi Everyone this is my first post this season but I've been stopping by every chance I get. I would love to have seen Dan play without AG and the DR in his back pocket. I hope (even though I can't stand the girl) Dani can get Dan out and Ian wins it. Shane for AP since he sounds like he could use the money. Note to AG leave all past HG out of all future seasons of BB and cast people who know the game and can play it.
  11. jerseygirl17

    Kalia - Week 7 - Nominee - Current HOH

    I wish I could see Kalias face when she goes online once she is home and sees how America doesn't like her. She is one of the nastiest hg I've ever seen she is so disgusting she makes me sick. I think people like Rachel more then Kalia at least I hope so.
  12. jerseygirl17

    Daniele - Week 7 - Replacement Nominee

    I've been reading the posts but have not had much time to post this season but am so happy Dani and co. are not on hoh this week. Wasn't Dani and Kalia talking about Rachel being catty and talking about people. All Dani, Kalia and Porsche do is act like high school girls talking about Rachel and the others. I think they are so stupid and don't even realize they are the ones doing the most talking. I really wanted to like Dani but she screwed up early in the game and once she sided with Kalia that was it. I hope Dani or Kalia is gone this week and the other one next week. I love how their attitude has changed now they are not in the hoh this week. Now they will see that their alliance is just the 3 of them and they don't have the numbers. I just hope Rachel doesn't do anything stupid this week to cause problems with J/J.
  13. jerseygirl17

    Kalia - Week 5 - HoH

    Totally agree Kalia is hated more then Rachel. I hope Rachel can stay another week or two and Kalia gets voted out before Rachel. I lost a lot for Dani with the way she is acting like they are still in high school. Dani screwed this game up and I hope it bites her in the a$$.
  14. jerseygirl17

    Kalia - Week 4

    This is my first post this season (I've been reading but haven't posted yet) but this pig is getting so much camera time I don't know how much more I can take. If Dani was smart she would put her up in place of B or R this week and get her out. B/R are stupid enough to work things out with Dani. OMG listening to this pig makes me want to rip my ear drums out and watching her act like she's the hoh I could rip my eyes out. I am so pissed they cast someone like this fat lazy good for nothing. Brenchel can stay in the house I'd rather see piggy go first. She is ruining this season for me and to me gets the worst hg in BB history.
  15. jerseygirl17

    Finale Live Show

    The twit won but I think BB changed it to America's worst BB hg not favorite. Normally I would be sad to see the season end but am so happy it's over. The best part of BB12 was Morty's if this forum wasn't here I may not have been able to watch the entire season. It was nice to hear from a lot of new people this season as well as the others who are here every season. I hope BB will do everything possible to give us the best season ever next year to make up for this disaster. Hopefully it can't get any worse then this season was.