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  1. aww I missed it! Jammer you are so right. Jordan kicked their butts in the final rounds.
  2. Oh ok that makes sense. Thank you! Eric really hit home with all of his points. The interview of Jordan Eric has on his blog is great. It shows she is not totally clueless. I personally think she has issues with public speaking and often just over looks things in life. ITA!!! Chima will show up anywhere she is invited because she thinks it makes her famous.
  3. If I had my way Jordan or GNat would not have been the F2. However, there they sit. It does not really what what we think point is Jordan won the over the jury and that is all that matters. Your opinion is just that a personal opinion. You think GNat played a better game but the jury did not. Point is Jordan did not quit so arguing the point makes no sense. As for Dick I am a Dick fan and fully think he fought hard his season and deserves the win. Against all odds he kept himself and his daughter in the game. IMO they deserved their spots and rather you like it or now they won. What is the point of going back so far? Plenty have won that probably man thought did not deserve it like I think Maggie did not deserve but she made it there so kudos to her. No point in me dwelling on it. It's all about the game. I think people forget this is a game the goal is to get to the end (why do I feel I repeat this often). There is no rule saying that you must win comps or fly under the radar. Total BS. GNats non-gameply lies messed up her game and cost her 500,000 you can argue all you want that she had the better game but she did she would not have missed the fact that the jury votes for you. She made it to F2 only because Jordan knew she would not win against Kevin. GNat won nothing to get her self in that spot, at least Jordan won when it mattered. So clearly you gotta do more than lie in the game. You can like who you want of course and can dwell if you wish. I personally am looking forward to the next season as always. I can't wait to see who are the "good and bad" guys/gals of the game. I always enjoy the whole good vs evil battles. Though more often I side with the "evil", this year not so much.
  4. Well said!! ----------- Wow some people still burned about Jordan winning. Having nothing better to do huh? If someone I did not like won I would not even waste the time. Just sayin...s
  5. WTF is Chima doing there? It says on the one pic "at Geisha House". So is that THE party or maybe a different one. I just don't see CBS letting Chima into the after bash.
  6. Agree with 1,2,4. How about season without any silly themes. Go back to the basics.
  7. Wondering the same thing. Uh don't they know who was the F4????? Poor Michele got treated like crap in the game and now by CBS. Thanks Marty! Uh Do you think Jessie knows he is saying cuda matada and not Coup d'etat? Outside of the house I like Jessie. Inside the house I can't stand him. I have felt this way about him since his first round on BB. Odd but that is how it is. Here is the Youtube link to what Marty posted. If you look on the right there will the others.
  8. This is pretty simple: Big Brother is about one thing, getting to the end. Who gives a crap if you played a good game and got voted out? That does not win the game. So however Jordan won does not really matter. Point is she outlasted others by them over looking her. So if they were such great players why are they not sitting in her position? So sick of people calling Jordan fat and saying she did not deserve it. I can't stand GNat but bottom line is she made it to F2 no matter how she got there. I didn't want her there but there she sits. No reason to b*tch and moan about an outcome you can not change. As for Jessie he did not vote for GNat probably for several reason but I would guess her good bye to him saying she played him, her recent engagement and that he did not want her leaving with that money to spend on a wedding plus her guy. You could see it all over his face. Even his final words while seemed to be aimed at Jordan in the end was meant for GNat.
  9. Yes, thanks to all who worked so hard!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. She didn't even deserve 2nd place but I do think Jordan made the right move to sling her self into 1st place. Not really sure why Jessie voted against GNat but I wonder if it was to so she did not have all that money to spend with her guy.
  11. Ditto the above. YAY Jordo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thank you! I thought I saved it but nope. LMAO I gotta save that smilie!
  13. I agree. Even actions over the next few days could sway them to take the other person. GNat is working really hard to discredit Kevin to Jordan.
  14. wait is this boob or hand talk here? Uh and if hand can someone explain as I am pretty sure I've missed something here...
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