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  1. It is amazing how out of touch with reality people can be and its even more magnified after being in that house for 3 months. I was shocked when I heard him say he thought he would have won.
  2. Yeah, I think you are right. Shelly was not very popular but she did keep saying it was just a game and she cast her vote on game play, not petty bickering.
  3. I think she probably displayed the most passion for the game of anyone I have seen in recent memory. She went all out and it paid off for her.
  4. I have been a fan of BB since season 1. Dr. Will is my favorite player and IMO the best who ever played the game. But there is something about Jordan. She is such a kind and sweet person but does have some fire in her, too. Ok, she's a bit ditzy but damn she is adorable.
  5. I didn't really like Rachel her first time around and I have to admit that I rolled my eyes when I saw her show up this season. She did grow on me somewhat this season although I am still not a fan...BUT....Good game play is good game play. She played hard, made good adjustments, and won challenges when she needed to win them. She was definitely a deserving winner. A hat tip and sincere congratulations to her. It is good to see someone win who fights for it.
  6. Well, I hope she enjoys the money because that turned out to be a devastating blow for her alliance. They were in really good shape. This will be one of those long remembered bad moves in the game. Up there with pulling a Marcellas. Now we have a Porsche.
  7. Maybe....But I would put my money on her nominating Jeff and Jordan.
  8. I never liked him either but that has nothing to do with his strength as a player. Very strong.
  9. You're right, they are a strong and shrewd team. If I was a HG, I would get them out asap.
  10. If any of the noobies learned anything from BB Allstars, Dick should make an early exit. They will be stupid to let him stay around.
  11. I have been watching since season 1 and I have to say that she is one of the most obnoxious hg's I have ever seen.
  12. Good looking girl but man is she dumb.
  13. My goodness. I have been away for a bit but I still see some familiar faces.
  14. For someone who is supposed to be a long time fan of BB, is supposed to be one of the brains, and is self-confessed "the smartest player in this house", Ronnie sure is playing rather stupidly. Once the HOH comp got down to him and Michelle, he was assured of being safe and should have let her win.
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