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  1. salter-path

    TV Land on Nick at Nite

    TVLand began running an Andy Griffith Marthon ~July 7 @ 11 am eastern. The marathon began with the first show when Aunt Bee replaced the existing housekeeper, Rose. RIP Andy
  2. salter-path

    Double Eviction

    It seems I remember Morty explaining the difference in a fast forward week and double eviction week. Does anyone know the difference?
  3. How are things down in Salter-Path ?

    Miss seeing you pop in and out of here.

    Don't be a stranger.

  4. salter-path

    Cbs Fantasy League

    Wolf~ I am sooooo confused. It is showing me as having 226 Normal Points yet~ my totals when added show~ for episode 1, I have 56 points and no Bonus and Episode 2 I have 270 points and 60 Bonus. So~ shouldnt I have 326 normal points showing?
  5. salter-path

    Cbs Fantasy League

    Im low man here ~ Sorry Im still learning. My total for this week is added 50 points short. When I add my normal points I get 50 more points than is showing. Do they ever make mistakes in the totals?
  6. salter-path

    Cbs Fantasy League

    This is my 1st time on CBS Fantasy and am confused(whats new!). Is there a way to see how our tribe is doing overall or is it strickly on out own? I have a 59 points from ep 1 but how about he tribe?
  7. salter-path

    Denise Martin

    Maybe her mullet is a little too tight and squeezing her brain cells
  8. salter-path

    Fantasy Survivor

    It was a great come from behind finish! Great team effort for all. Congrates Wolfie for picking Todd as the winner!
  9. salter-path

    Denise Martin

    I'm curious if Burnett will take back the 50K he gave her now that it has been exposed she lied about being demoted?
  10. salter-path

    Fantasy Survivor

    Sharhonda did this for the cbs league so figured get prepared and put up a sign up sheet for next season survivor fantasy , Its still your team just putting my name at top of list (anyone wanting to play add name and copy and repost ) 1. Wolfrider 2. Hurst (Salter-Path)
  11. salter-path

    Fantasy Survivor

    I beleive I read in the updated rules the RC had to be the winner
  12. salter-path

    Fantasy Survivor

    Here are my early FS.net picks I have entered for episode 12. Based on an accumulation of early spoilers from various sites. My "safe" pic got off track several episodes ago with Erik~ he was entered erronously and I left him which will cost points in the final picks. ( I had to use Amanda one week). These will possibly be revised if new spoilers suggest I am way off this week. l. Reward Challenge~ Todd 2. Immunity Challenge~ Amanda 3. Voted Off~ PG 4. Safe~ Denice 5. Mystery Question ~Invited to share reward~Courtney
  13. salter-path

    Bachelor 11

    Turning both girls down wasn't an issue with me~ that was ok and admirable (for a change on this show). What my issue is/was is that he led both girls on, telling each one they were exactly what he was looking for, perfect wife and perfect families. Then~ boom. bye bye to you both. There have been Batchelor finals in the past where the guy has not given the engagement ring, opting to say . "lets get to know one another better" or something to that effect. Like I said, leading them on is what pi$$ed me off! The long term track record for this show is pathetic, I do agree, and finding the "perfect mate" in 6 weeks is a joke. But I feel used and was only a viewer. Can you imagine how these girls felt? I still say he is a jerk and played the media, viewers and girls like a violin
  14. salter-path

    Bachelor 11

    I'm pretty sure I have read that the show pays for the ring so he isn't out the money. I'm looking forward to tonights show and hoping he gets his a$$ chewed out! He led both girls on in the end. He knew he wasn't in "love" with either yet continued to lead each to beleive they had at least a chance of being chosen. I think he is a jerk! I wasn't fond of any of the girls but that doesn't forgive the fact he toyed with them. Tonight might just be the best show yet! Oh what a web we weave when we deceive~ GET HIM GIRLS!