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  1. Miss you around Morty's. Hope all is will with you.

  2. MrsFroman

    Natalie - Part 2

    Well said joy! No class, no scruples and destined for infamy in the reality world.
  3. MrsFroman

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    I was thinking....do they always give away that much cash? I don't recall that to be the case, but being I am the one recalling, I am probably wrong. So....why the money then unless they are able to buy something? I stand by my original theory. And as stated before....I'm probably wrong.
  4. MrsFroman

    9/2 - Live Feed Updates

    2:15 BBT - Natalie and Kev in Red Rm. Natalie tells Kev she'll be asking the DR if they are allowed to give away their prizes. She says her goal is to "rape" Jeff by offering her vote to keep him for his Hawaii trip! They both laugh and say it's funny. [Wow...talk about dirty game. It's beyond decent, if ya ask me. - Mrs Froman] Nat says she wants to make sure she officially has the trip and it can't be taken back away from her if she convinces Jeff to give it up. Kevin says she should "rape Michelle for the TV". Natalie says she prefers the trip. They giggle. Kevin says the only downside is if it is stipulated that the trip transfer is null and void if she doesn't save him. Meanwhile, Jeff, Jordan and Michele are in BY swimming. Natalie calls the Hawaii trip scam a "strategy" or "game move", which seems more like stealing to this updater. She is waiting for the DR to admit her to discuss her new "strategy".
  5. MrsFroman

    Mystery Door Twist

    I'm with you teamten. I still think my whacked theory about someone being able to buy safety with the money won holds water since Kevin didn't get any. Therein lies the ticket, I think.
  6. MrsFroman

    Mystery Door Twist

    I guess this would be too many takeaways from the HoH this season, huh? Oh well, it was a thought. Hey Marty! Good to see you! I've missed you too. Been busy as a one legged tap dancer so no updating this season except for a tiny bit today. How you???
  7. MrsFroman

    Mystery Door Twist

    So I haven't read this whole thread, but wonder if my theory on the twist is too whacked to consider - My theory is: They will allow the HGs to pay Kevin the money they won in the Pandora's Box competition for his last 15 mins or so of HoH. This would allow Jeff, who won the most, to buy his safety and send gNatalie's ass out the door. Is this whacked out or wishful thinking?
  8. MrsFroman

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    4:08BBT - Natalie and Kevin in BY professing undying devotion to their final 2 deal and then rehashing weeks 1-3, which Natalie says were her weeks of power! (ha!) They discuss back when Chima and Lydia were in the house and who said who was going after whom, etc. Just chit chat. 4:11 BBT - Kevin and Nat call themselves the "Lonesome Ranger" duo. They talk about how they were an alliance from day one and nobody else left can claim that. Feeds go to Jordan napping and Kevin called to DR at 4:12. 4:13BBT - All feeds on a silent Natalie in the BY.
  9. MrsFroman

    8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:54 Nat and Kev in Red Rm - Nat says "Jeff and Jordan on the block together!" Kev and Nat discuss how much the rest of the houseguests (especially those in the JH) will love them! Nat says "Coup d'etat didn't save your ass this week, did it?" [i want so much for Nat to get screwed by this twist!-MrsFroman] 1:00 BBT - Jordan says that she hoped that when Kevin looked at Natalie, he would trick her and put her up but then he looked at Jordan and said her name. (Jord and Jeff on block)
  10. Hey Jem! Hope all is well with you and the fam. Be well!

  11. 2:30 Ollie on a mission of destruction. Memphis, Dan and Keesha watching on monitor as Ollie does something with the HGs keys. Memphis goes to check it out then comes back and says Ollie has actually destroyed the light pole outside to the right and knocked the planter over and also shattered a lolly pop on the steps. They worry that he'll get tossed from the game. Keesha says she knows getting screwed sucks, but they all agreed to it. 2:37 Dan says BB probably is allowing this so they can see more, but don't want it to get out of control. Says they're doing a balancing act. Memphis says Jerry will run his mouth. Keesha says they'll start turning on eachother. Dan says he's staying away from the stove and any hot oil! *LOL* Dan wonders if Ollie got kicked out, would Michelle stay? Refers to season 2 and how they still had normal eviction. (**wonder what they'll think of the double eviction this week? Bet Ollie goes.....- MrsF**) They watch Renny put her key back. Dan says Ollie will have to pay for the destruction from his stipend. Mentions someone from season 2 and a toothbrush. Dan wonders what his parents are thinking of today's feeds. Memphis wonders what all their parents are thinking. Memphis says "if I go in my room and my shit's fucked up....." and sighs. Dan says they can't ruin anything. Memphis lets his testosterone get the better of him and says "shits gonna go down." ((***yeah, yeah...you all know the rules and you all know that the big talk is BS...shut up. - MrsF***))
  12. 1:12PM BBT: Ollie and Dan in the HoH and Ollie losing his mind saying Dan not only lied and played him for a fool, but he took Ollie's manhood in front of millions of people. Dan says it's a game, Man. Ollie wonders why Dan did what he did. Ollie also says Dan is a plant and Monica was seen at the hotel before the HG got to the house. *LOL* Dan says Monica is real and he's not a plant and whatever. Ollie says Dan is not there for the money, but is there to just play around with people's emotions. Ollie asks Dan if he's really a football coach. Ollile totally paraniod about who Dan is. Dan says he didn't take a shot at Olile's manhood. Ollie says "You embarrassed me in front of millions." then Ollie leaves. Dan lays on his bed waiting for more shitstorm. 1:16PM BBT: Ollie goes to his bed to lay there and sulk. He's wearing his shades. Meanwhile... In the BY, Memphis, Renny and Keesha hanging out. Memphis says they need to get Jerry tomorrow. Keesha agrees and says "He's already offering to vote for us to win - right in front of Ollie!" Keesha says Jerry is secretly happy right now. Memphis agrees. All of them are sort of contemplative. Renny says she left her tea in the HoH room. Memphis wonders why Dan let Ollie into the room a few minutes ago. KEesha and Memphis say they wouldn't have. Memphis says he better watch his fuckin' mouth. 1:20 Michelle and Ollie start bitching and we get FotH. 1:22 back and Michelle rehashing what Dan said to her. Says Dan said if Ollie had chosen to protect Jerry, he would have been backdoored. Jerry comes in and says something and Ollie jumps him and Jerry says "What are you on me for?" Ollie says "all that stuff was scripted. They knew it was gonna happen." Michelle raging pissed and stalking all over the house. She sits on the bed and She tells BB "don't be fuckin' puttin no fuckin' cameras on me you stupid mother fuckers - get out of my face!' Cameras follow her to the SR and she tells tghem "Fuck Off! Fuckin' think I'm stupid, Mother Fuckers?" 1:25 Renny and Dan in HoH and Dan asks if Renny is pissed. She says no and goes out to grab some chips off the chess table. Dan asks her thoughts. Renny starts in on rehasing what the deal was....Dan says for her to tell him what Ollie said, and she says no. Now they go over the deal and nominations. Renny says "I heard you say up there to him...." then rehashing previous conversations... I'm out.
  13. 11:15 - Renny goes on about Memphis "treeating her like shit". She thinks he's rude and ungrateful, basically. (gotta run guys...sorry!)
  14. 10:59 - Renny asks about deal specifics, but Dan won't tell. She confronts about her name being mentioned but he explains that the deal was to protect, not to nominate. Keesha jumps in and tries to get Renny on board. Renny says Memphis will cut your throat and she doesn't trust him and he thinks he has the game won already. Dan says he doesn't trust him either, but they can pressure him into doing things their way. Keesha asks if the eviction was Michelle or Memphis who? Renny says evict Memphisl Keesha says "There goes the 4 person alliance!" They discuss Renny's distrust and ask her to make them see it. Dan says if he makes Memphis nervous, he may be able to get the vote to evict Michelle. Renny says that Memphis said Mem, Michelle and Dan were final 3 alliance. Dan says no way and he trusts Michelle as much as Memphis. Dan says he trusts Renny and Keesha for sure. Dan says if the final four were them, they'd know what to do without saying. Talk goes to competition numbers for next week. Dan says he doesn't want the conversation to leave the room. Renny says Memphis is very disrespectful and only talks to her when he needs her and he's a user beyond the others. Renny tells Dan that Memphis called Dan stupid about the Ollie/HoH deal. They have all done things for Memphis, according to these three. Renny asks if Dan has a deal with Memphis? Dan says no. He wonders if Renny can use him to a certain point and cut him. Renny says if you want to tell him, then fine. Renny points out how physically tough he is. Keesha says so is Michelle. Dan wonders if Renny can tolerate using Memphis to final 4 then cut him? Renny says he'll choose Michelle over Renny. Keesha says she doesn't think Memphis and Michelle are solid. Renny says if she gets HoH, he's got to go. Dan tries to impress upon her that they keep him til final 4 before cutting him. Renny is a hard sell. Dan explains that there is nowhere else for Memphis to go if Michelle leaves. Renny says Memphis is one of those she doesn't want to be in with. Dan says Memphis is necessary for final 4. Renny says OK unless she gets HoH. Dan says if he makes the move to backdoor Michelle, she can't do that. They are forcing Memphis to play their side if they go Dan's way. Renny asks if Memphis will be on block against someone? Dan says he can't say, but she's smart. Dan says he gave up a lot on decision making but he can't say now and will reveal it as the week goes. Renny asks if she'll be voting this week and Dan says yes. Dan reiterates how much they need Memphis and he will be forced to need them. (**They're discounting Ollie as an option for Memphis - NEVER smart to discount optionis-MrsF**) Renny says Memphis lied to Keesha. Keesha explains that Memphis lied about talking to Michelle when Keesha heard it. Dan trying to get Renny on board. Renny questions if they'll ever get rid of Memphis? Dan says of course, at FINAL 4!! Dan says he believes Ollie has been sandbagging the game since he kicked ass so hard last night. Renny brings up Memphis and the car again. (**Boy Renny...where's the love? She sure hates that guy!- MrsF**) Renny warns if Memphis gets power, things will change. Renny says she'll do what they want her to do. Dan says he wants her to do it because it's her decision and he wants to get the 3 of them further in the game.
  15. Keesha says people wonder about the Dan/Ollie deal and Dan tells her to not be specific. Keesha says yesterday, she thought she heard 2 people talking and when she asked the male , the male said he didn't talk to the female. She says she knows damned well they talked. (Michelle and Memphis) Dan says if you look at things she's done, Memphis always says she's crazy. Keesha wonders why Michelle always feels safe. Keesha tells Dan that Renny wondered if Dan was in with Michelle and Ollile. Keesha says she told Renny no. Dan says he hangs with them, but not allied. They agree they can't trust him until Michelle is gone. Renny comes into the HoH room at 10:57. Dan says he struck a deal with Ollie but isn't specific. Dan says he wants to know how she feels about making their alliance official. Renny says she doesn't trust Memphis. Dan says he doesn't disagree, but they need him.