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    James On Mtv's Parantel Control!?!?

    wonder if he ever told cbs that? and he basically looked like below but with a bit longer hair - and they had an close-up shot on the tattoo so thats when i knew there was no way it was anyone else : http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_i...o.jpg1204485468
  2. Was flipping through the channels today and then i saw a very familair face....James on parental control on mtv with brown hair, regular haircut! the show is on right now so don't know if was picked for the actual date, but in the "auditions" in front of the parents, they all took off their shirt, and sure enough one of his tattoos was there (only had one at this time) i guess before he biked around the world he was on mtv?
  3. kickace

    Sheila & Adam

    here it is on d-listed.com : http://dlisted.com/node/24195