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  1. I have one question King where does the money come from with spoilers and all my years till this one of spoiling survive how come I no one has given me money? LMAO
  2. PS : It was Stephen I went back and double checked it.
  3. The Team is your Personal Score and the people you pick each week. The tribe is Mortys2009 which for you says 268 and mine says 263. look in your tribes pages to see the ranking you get compared to what I got.
  4. AS of right now with week 1 and 2 gone this is my score right now. My Score is 322 My Rank out of 34000 players is 3147 We must be doing good cause the team average is 263 , ranking us 1278 out of 3500
  5. Yana and all just for ya'll info True Dork Times is posting spoilers this season , missed them last season they do pretty good most times. I will put link to them here . TDT- Spoilers ( Click Here) Good Luck all Players , Wolfie
  6. feel free to join that new team all , I myself a litle on the busy side this season to run it so good luck every one else , and thanks for the break I really needed it this go round.
  7. Thank You , Thank You Jem . I had just missed the first episode cause of work but I knew some one would record it and there you was , all in one setting my husband and I both thank you. Love ya Wolfie
  8. Shar let me know when you start up for the next one and automaticaly add me if you can if not tell me and i will sign up. Any idea's when it starts , I can't remember.
  9. EPISODE 13: "If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese!" Some of the ladies try to sway Erik, the last-remaining male player, to side with them to make it to the final four. * The women try to use their powers of seduction to con a guy into a last-minute move that could cost him the game. ( Try to convince Erik they with him so he don't use the immunity idol and once again one more sucker for the idol aka curse of the idol) *The last remaining Fans bond and promise to stick together... until one stabs the other directly in the front. (Erik plotting with Cirie and Pav to vote Natalie out.) *It's getting down to the wire for the Final 5, and these Castaways take SURVIVOR to a whole new level of gameplay. Don't miss as the twists and turns keep on coming in one of the most talked about seasons yet! ( Probst said (according to TV Guide): You haven't seen the end of dumb moves at tribal council," teases Jeff Probst. "{Tonight's} episode is one where you go, 'You've got to be kidding me...this just didn't happen...how could this happen 16 seasons in?' Could Erik give the idol to one of the girls, and then get voted out. THE FINAL FIVE CASTAWAYS TAKE THE GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL AS THE END DRAWS NEAR, ON "SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA - FANS VS. FAVORITES," THURSDAY, MAY 8 "If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese!" - The women on the tribe use their powers of seduction to test the only man remaining in the game. Will he fight temptation or will it cost him the game? Only five castaways remain on SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA - Fans vs. Favorites, (I think he eats the cheese and is the you've got to be kidding me person above , is it curse of the idol again.) RC: Pav / Amanda Exhile : Erik ( Finds Hidden Immunity Idol) IC: Amanda / Erik ( I think Amanda) Boot: Erik ( Erik either gives away immunity necklace or idol and so goes home as the second highest votes ) / Natalie Okay this is a bit earlie for me and no I am not sure of actual winners of challenges or stuff but I do believe Erik makes major boo boo this weak aka dumbest move in survivor history . And gets voted out when he was safe and a sure bet for final 4. Final 3 : Cirie , Amanda and Paverati ( Cirie with the least final votes and close between Amanda and Pav but they will be top 2 )
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