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  1. armymomma

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I would never send Paul the care package even if it helped him
  2. lets hope production wont let the big booger make an ass of himself. but he probably will.
  3. armymomma

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    Does anyone know what the app for Iphone is? I think I saw it on live show but couldnt find it when i rewound the show. If you know the name of the app I would be most thankful.
  4. armymomma

    Chima - BB 11

    I cant stand the fake fat lips dosent she know how horrible she looks? Her kids will be full of all kinds of questions. Take it that Chima and Laura dont like Lydia and Jordan. Maybe becuase they have ture beauty?
  5. armymomma

    Each Bb Hg Video Here

    I am voting for either Libra and Jerry!! Gotta go for the old guy I think they will under estimate him. And Libra seems like a really nice girl. It would be nice to see an older person win this game and use the money for something good. Jerry wants to help out the animal shelter and his grandkids. Go Jerry Go Libra go go go.
  6. armymomma

    Big Brother 10

    O I love that kitchen!! It is the best so far and look how small the freezer is that wont go over to well and only two ice trays. They better get used to making ice all the time!! LOL Only 5 days left i cant wait to watch.
  7. I am good with that at least we wont have to watch Marcy anymore I couldnt stand him.