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  1. SwatCopsWife

    The Cast

    So Amanda lives in the same city as me. Small town, now im curios!!
  2. SwatCopsWife

    BB 14 Premiere, Thursday 7/12

    Think it's pretty chitty that the Coaches had so much power as stated above and more than likely will get to join the game. So basically they get to coast by for about 4 weeks, then get in the game knowing Grodner and her lame twists. Just wish they would have all new people, fair and even and let them battle it out. No special treatment etc. Asking for too much?
  3. SwatCopsWife

    JoJo, Week 1

    Couldn't agree more! Between her and Shane last night, WOW
  4. SwatCopsWife

    Live Show - July 14

    Did Julie steal her clothes from the Pink panthers closet tonight?
  5. SwatCopsWife

    Live Show - July 14

    Either would work as well! Hey are you on Facebook?
  6. SwatCopsWife

    Live Show - July 14

    pls pls pls let Dom or Cassi win to shake thing up!!!!!!!!!!
  7. SwatCopsWife

    Adam - Week 1

    I was just telling someone else how I feel bad for him in a way because of this. He wants to be a part of them so bad he's making a fool of himself. Trying way to hard, sad, but it's a game. Hopefuly he will learn.
  8. SwatCopsWife

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    Agree! I don't know why the newbies are such kiss asses to the Vets. I mean yes it's cool to see the people you love but; they need to realize they have that advantage and it's THEIR game.
  9. SwatCopsWife

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    Yes those are my babies! The other loves of my life! Adam, I am trying to hard to like him but man, he just won't shut up and is trying sooooooo hard to fit in that I feel bad for him.
  10. SwatCopsWife

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    OMG please no more Jesse that dudes just an ass! Not even halfway entertaining at all! I know everyone loves JJ and everyone has their favs but I can't stand Jordan. Lawson seems fun. I bought the Feeds but haven't really watched them much so i'm sure others know a lot more than me. I hope Keith goes but then Porsche gets the Golden Key and is safe for 4 weeks! NOT FAIR
  11. SwatCopsWife

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    Hi FATCAT! I don't see how Dick leaving isn't going to effect how someone leaves this week. I mean he left so how can they Vote someone out again?
  12. SwatCopsWife

    Live Feed and BBAD 8/4

    Hey, who asked you? Hola! What's crackin? I would frikin diiiieeee if Kathy won. It would be fkkin great! Let her put up Enzo's loser pathetic Guido ass along with LAME LANE.
  13. SwatCopsWife

    Kathy - Week 4