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  1. racenbug

    Cody's Revenge

    I thought Cody well deserved AFP & voted every day for him myself. He simply wasnt on the PAUL leash. I was glued to the feeds and never once saw Cody start a feud, attack anyones character 1st. I admired how much self-control he had to muster up with all the PAUL COACHED..JOSH BS. As for Jess, Well if byou check out her followers voting & tweeting her, I'd say 95% were females who def. didnt care about eyelashes, hair or anything other than simply Jessica!! Women, unlike men, can usually pick out & support a Classy Lady...like Jess.
  2. racenbug

    Rigged or what?

    lol...Its always rigged a bit, just not always soo obvious....it turned me off a bunch during bbott, but hey, it's 100 degrees outside here w/hi humidity soooooooo here i am lol!!
  3. racenbug

    New WBRB Screen

    What a great surprise!!!!!! :Love watching...even my pets love watching!!! this was a great idea sooooooo couldnt have been groders.
  4. racenbug

    BB after dark

  5. racenbug

    TweetChik From The Heart

    Yes, Jason was def. robbed. BBOTT WAS A JOKE. A BAD ONE.
  6. racenbug

    TweetChik From The Heart

    Welcome to ya!! I too have watched since season 1 but became soured during bbott with production interference so obvious. So far only one guest in the reveal stood out to me a small bit...Christmas. Maybe because I remember her from her Nascar?, I may one more time opt into watching & feeds but jury still out on if i care to waste my time after bbott.
  7. liked justin at 1st but he's become a liability now to the misfits by bringing things he shouldnt to the plastics!
  8. If you get the feeds you already know what an arrogant nasty child this kid is when given any type power.
  9. racenbug

    Round Trip Ticket a control scam?

    Seems there's lots of type on this subject on twitter. I guess we have no way of actually knowing? Only thing I can figure is ..."if we really feel that a fix is in the works, we have the option of simply opting out of feeds altogether. They're cut out more & more all the time. (feeds). Production isn't presenting feeds/show as they used to anyway & the show as a whole gets boring real quickly as houseguests sleep all day w/o food comps or the old wringer washer for clothes etc etc etc. Anymore its given an air of entitlement to all the hg's. They receive no penalties going against rule book, language is so nasty & constant that i have to wear headphones to watch. This season BB has turned more personal than others, it doesnt seem like a game anymore. Its turned vulgar, nasty & similar to smut channels that we dont waste time with. I have been with BB for every season, with feeds, & get more disgusted every yr.....SOoooooo, If anything comes close to sustantiating your theory, it'll be the last straw for us. If we want smut, there are other shows w/ better content where we arent losing sleep to watch lol!
  10. Very true, seems to b so treatable nowadays, but sad for ED....Wishing him long life & willingness to chg his lifestyle.
  11. hahahaha.......yep ya nevr kno!......personally I have no hope for this ...um,...guy
  12. yeah, my sentiments exactly!....all we need now is franke in the house...NOT
  13. I'm shocked to say this cuz of my opinion of NC in general......but, THIS GAL is my FAVORITE so far!
  14. racenbug

    "After Dark"

    Charlotte area POP=117