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  1. Moses, I dont know what a VPN is.... Where do I get one??
  2. If anyone has any other work throughs please please post them. I tried both the other ones, and they didn't work. I'm deployed to the Middle East and reaaalllly want to watch the feeds!
  3. Sheldon

    7/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1144 AM BBT Frank and Ash are in SR. Frank complains no more mens vitamins then they start talking about Turkey Bacon 11:7 AM BBT Shane and JoJo r talking about JoJo being nominated and she is only going to hug shane, ashley and danielle if she leaves. JoJo says that they should make out just in case. She calls Shane a tease 11:54 AM BBT Most HGs are in the KT. Ash calls Ian out on him talking about sex last night. Ian says it was talk about 'first experiences'. Talk then turns to shows on CBS or ABC. No talk yet as who is on the block yet! We get FOTH
  4. Sheldon

    7/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:00 AM BBT Shane is doing ADLs in the bathroom 11:00 AM BBT BB called an indoor LD so everyone who was outside goes inside 11:05 AM BBT Jenn and Frank in the kitchen talking about his HOH CD and how to organize an album. We get FOTH. 11:11 AM BBT Brit, Ashley, and Wil are in the Dining Room talking about Brit's oral surgery. We got to this point by talking about Brit’s menstrual cramps and whether she should use her pain killer from her surgery or not. 11:21 AM BBT General chitchat between Wil, Brit, Jenn, Shane and Ashley about NYC and the great places that are there plus how the street names work. Danielle is asleep in the stereo room 11:31 AM BBT Same people chit chatting about NYC. Danielle is sleeping in the radio room 11:38 AM BBT Danielle is up and changing battery in the SR. Shane comes in and says he feels like his toe is broken so he is looking for medicine. Danielle goes back to bed.. Shane went to the room and told her and Dan that they are on an indoor LD. He also tells them the time. 11:48 AM BBT Just about everyone except Janie is in the kitchen now eating breakfast and chatting over morning coffee. Ian is rehashing the POV with everyone 11:58 AM BBT HGs are the table are all talking about their fav shows as a kid. We keep getting FOTH
  5. Sheldon

    7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:20 PM BBT: Still Trivia after the little blow out. (Quick recap: Janie won coaches comp, put Willie, JoJo, and Shane and Have Nots (possibly Ian also...), rumor has it that she saved Ashley so NO TRADE was made. Willie blew up and was munching on pork rinds when he barreled up to the HoH and said that he knows he is going to go home before being evicted. Joe then laughed and said that he cant smoke and there are no nicotine patches in the SR. We then got Trivia shortly after that) 4:47 PM BBT: Still Trivia 5:35 PM BBT: Still Trivia.... 6:00 PM BBT: STILL TRIVIA!!! 6:52 PM BBT: Still trivia... again...
  6. Sheldon

    7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    2:08 PM BBT: Still trivia.
  7. Sheldon

    7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1:05 PM BBT: Ashley, Brit and Shane in the have not room. Ashley is saying that Wil was ruthless. She said Kara was playing the game towards the end. Shane says that its rough that everyone is all friends. Ashley is mad at Willie because he ruined their alliance. Brit says that she isnt mad at anyone. Brit says as soon as the going go rough they were just dropped. Ashley says that the turning point was the meeting because after it everyone thought he was the devil. Brit said that it was after Shane won the POV is when it changed. They are saying that Janelle dooped them because the day after Shane didn't use the POV, Janelle was sleeping next to Kara. Ashley says that Joe thinks that Boogie is going to win and then trade Jenn. Speculation says that he will trade her for Wil. Brit says that it changes week to week with a new twist every week. Ash says that day to day things change in the house. Brit says its so conflicted and makes her want to puke. Shane says that the coaches twist is the most hard season he has seen. Brit says that she thought the coaches twist was going to fall flat because the players would say eff you to the coaches and then the coaches would lie around. The three of them start talking about Janie. Brit goes over how she played loyal but she isnt the model player because obviously didnt win her season. Ashley says that she still likes Brit because she took caer of her when she was sick and Janie didnt care. She is also unsure if Wil had a deal with Kara or not. Ashley says she still doesn't trust anyone. Shane says that you should play as an individual but just keep your coach in bed. The pow wow breaks up so Shane can nap. 1:11 PM BBT: Brit goes to Dan in the living room. Dan says he is reading on the sanctity of sex. Dan says that he is reading the Old Testament so its pretty hard core. Brit says she isnt the craziest person when it comes to sex, but she could use some stress relief. 1:12 PM BBT: Talk turns to Danielle, Joe and Wil talking in the BR with Janie. They are talking about trading. Joe says they might be able to get 2 draft picks for WIl. They ask what that means and we might never find out because we get FOTH. 1:14 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Wil is telling Danielle that if she gets traded, she will be in a great spot but Dan isnt. Janelle says that she will win it. If its endurance, she will hold on all day. (Joe appears to have left during FOTH) Danielle is whispering to Wil, but I cannot hear it. Wil says that he trusts Danielle. Janelle appears to have left the BR. Wil says that there is a possibility that the coaches come back into the game. They go over the whole key hole thing again. They keep whispering inaudibly for me. Wil says something about playing his own game and that he does like Ashley and Joe. JoJo comes into the BR and makes a comment about them whispering (Thank you JoJo!! - Sheldon) Danielle doesnt think that the coaches are coming back in. Danielle says she is playing week to week. Danielle thinks that they will get a vote. Danielle says that Willie had their keys last week. Willie says it doesnt make sense. Danielle says that its because they are safe and thats why their keys are upstairs. 1:18 PM BBT: The feeds switch to Brit and Dan in the living room. Brit says she doesn;t know anybody and then we get a brief FOTH. when it comes back Brit says "a player that she knows they wouldnt get rid of." But then she says she doesnt know who they wont get rid of and it is a riddle. Brit says last week she was HOH and she doesnt know any names that didnt come up last week and EVERYONEs name came up. So she is still contemplating who she wouldnt get rid of. Dan says, "One of their own." Someone walks by and Brit subtly changes the convo and says that it could be endurance. It was Joe who walked by, he came back out of the SR and had stuff for a spa day. Ashley then walks by and we get a FOTH 1:22 PM BBT: We are back. Brit says that she isnt out to get Dan as far as a coach and that he and Danielle have a trusting relationship. She thinks pulling Danielle would make her team a bigger target. She says Danielle wouldnt have the same relationship with her as she has with Dan. Brit continues to go over the reasons to leave Danielle with Dan. Frank goes to the DR and Brit asks if he was called there. She is told no and she is relieved. Brit and Dan say that the HOH People are probably watching them. Brit asks if she can come to them if they need a vote on her side. Dan says yes because Danielle isnt with anyone. Brit says that she doesnt want to burn bridges. Dan says that if she doesnt take Danielle then Dan definitely owes her one. Ian then walks by. Dan says if he takes Danielle Dan will be gone. Dan says that in this game you can get out of almost anything if you play your cards right. Brit says she doesnt know how to make those sneaky moves (Obviously - Sheldon). Dan says even though Willie got Kara out, he doesnt play for revenge because it does no good. They discuss loyalty and ultimately say everyone is only loyal to themselves. Dan asks Brit if she would trade and Brit says yes. Dan says that it would definitely mix stuff up. They wonder about the coaches competition. Brit asks if its a knock out quiz. Dan thinks itll be a how bad do you want it or who wants to hold this thing for 12 hours. Brit is wondering if it will be the two who hold on the longest can come into the game, the others stay and coach. Dan says he has to win this today. 1:29 PM BBT: Brit says she understands the witch hunt and that everyone is going to lose someone in this game eventually. Brit asks Dan what he would do, were he in her position. Dan takes his time thinking. Ian walks by and halts the convo momentarily. Dan says either cut her losses with Willie or mix it up. Dan is saying that if she was playing for the $100k she could give him Willie and knock him out, but people will be pissed if she mixes it up. Brit says she wont gain favor by not mixing it up. Her microphone is covered and she is whispering so its hard to hear what she says after. We get Trivia. Time for the coaches competition??? (Frank was in the DR after all....)
  8. Sheldon

    7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:05 PM BBT: FOTH (Not sure how long its been there, I just turned on the feeds) 12:07 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Janelle and Britney are talking in the shoe room. They are talking about the coaches entering the game. Brit says no way will 4 enter, Janie says that 3 isnt any better. Brit then calculates the votes for Willie to go home. Janie says he is convinced he will win POV. Brit says she isnt, but he can compete and win. Janie comments that the house will be nuts if he does win. Brit says that if he wins POV then Shane and JoJo will be up and Brit feels responsible because she chose them for her team. Janie asked what shane thinks about it. Shane feels (dang feeds froze. Sorry!) 12:11 PM BBT: Brit is now in the storage room. Janie is in the kitchen talking to JoJo. JoJo is cooking and Janie comments that she needs to put on make up before the competition. We then get FOTH. 12:12 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Janie is sitting with Ian, Ashley and JoJo in the dining room. Janie is eating pancakes (exciting game move... - Sheldon) Boogie comes in the dining room. Boogie is surprised that JoJo is cooking banana walnut pancakes. Joe then enters the Kitchen area. Ashley asks if she can have one and JoJo jokingly says no. There is so much chit chat going on that its hard to keep track, but it is all just chit chat. 12:14 PM BBT: I switch feeds to see Jenn and Frank talking in the HOH. They are saying that there are benefits to getting 'him' out. Jenn says it would be nice to have another beast in here. Frank is trying to make Jenn feel better about a trade happening. They are talking about Shane. They say he is nice and physical but its hard to talk game with him because he isn't wired that way. Frank says that he needs someone to bounce ideas back and forth with and Jenn says she understands that. Jenn says that she is going to chat with Shane a little bit more. Frank says that he has no other option but to try and separate themselves from Willie at this point. They talk about getting Willie out and making a deal with Shane. Frank wouldnt mind Shane coming off the block. Jenn and Frank decide that they can make decisions after the coaches competition. Jenn leaves the HOH followed by Frank a few seconds later. 12:19 PM BBT: Janelle and Wil are talking in the bathroom. Wil is telling Janie that he is going to threaten [ahem-bully-ahem--Sheldon] Britney into not trading Willie for Wil or Ashley. He is going to throw everything if he goes to Team Britney. Wil says that he has already shown that he isnt playing a personal game and that he likes Brit but he would still gun after her. Wil says no matter what that he will be loyal to Joe and Ashley. Janie is confident in her ability to win even though she didnt sleep last night. Janie asks Wil who he should save if he wins. Wil says he doesn't care and that he wouldn't hold it against her. Janie says she might draw straws because they are all safe. Wil says that its the Have Not what matters. Frank was listening and said to save Ashley to make her feel secure in the team. Janie recaps her earlier conversation to Wil and Frank. Frank then recaps his convo with her. Wil then asks if he gets traded if he will go up. Wil was contemplating going up to her with Ashley but now he is rethinking it. 12:24 PM BBT: Wil asks Janie and Frank if he should tell Brit that he will throw everything if she trades for him. The conversation just goes around and around. Joe and Ashley walk into the conversation as well. 12:26 PM BBT: I switch feeds to Jenn and Danielle talking in the arcade. They are discussing the exciting events of yesterday being on live TV and then competing in a little game. They are talking about being able to go outside after the coaches competition. Danielle says she can't believe that its already July 20th. Jenn says that she needs to do a shout out in the DR. Danielle says that she has been gone for 22 days. Britney comes in. Danielle says that last week was 'a million weeks in one' We get a brief FOTH. Brit says it has been July for 3 months already. Danielle says she got taken June 29th. Brit says if she can make it to her birthday then it will feel almost over (August 23rd). Danielle counts it out to 34 days. Danielle asks why the look on her face and Jenn says that Britney has a lot on her plate. Wil walks in to the arcade. They start talking dress sizes. (I'll be back in about 15-20 minutes!)
  9. Sheldon

    7/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    9:27 AM BBT: FOTH probably the wake up call. (Just before the FOTH Boogie was giving a little insight into his head. He was saying Ian will do well in the Memory Competition tonight as long as he (Boogie) doesn't put too much pressure on him and that JoJo isn't known for her memory skills [Remember the skimpy bikini??? - Sheldon]. Mike heard something and ran into the living room began to stretch then we got the FOTH) 9:35 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Mike is sitting at the kitchen table. He isn't saying anything.
  10. Sheldon

    7/17 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:41 AM BBT: "Good Morning Houseguests, It's time to get up for the day." FOTH 8:49 AM BBT: The feeds are back and Wil, Frank, and Shane are in the kitchen fixing breakfast. They are complaining that they got Shania Twain for their wake up song this morning. Shane is squeezing OJ. "I'm going to feel like a woman all day because of that song." says Frank. (LOL) Frank and Wil go outside and Shane is left squeezing his OJ. JoJo comes in to get coffee and starts talking to Shane about the have not room beds. Shane says he is getting used to it. They are talking about Shane, Boogie and Willie getting called to the DR at about 7:00 AM BBT. Shane says that they are probably getting everything they need for Wednesday's show. "Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about production." JoJo moves on. 8:54 AM BBT: Switching feeds. Wil, Joe, Brit, Boogie, Willie and JoJo are all outside chit chatting. Everyone greets JoJo. Willie asks her why she didn't sleep in the bed with him and that he was going to take advantage of her last night. JoJo sais she will be there tonight. JoJo asks Joe why he is so quiet and he said that he doesn't talk for the first hour. JoJo says 'poor thing' to Willie for not being able to shave. The HGs joke about Boogie's birthday bash. Wil asks about Janelle and Britney says that the lights reminder was probably for Janelle. [There appears to be a lot of tension in this group...] 9:00 AM BBT: Switching feeds again. Willie in the Kitchen talking to Shane and Britney. Willie was in mid-sentence saying that things are crazy. "If we dont do this, I am going home. He is going home" says Willie. Britney says that she doesn't know that thats the case. Britney pulls her boys into the arcade. Brit says that several coaches know. Brit tells Shane that the coaches are going to come back into the game to play and thats why they are setting the game up the way that they are. 9:03 AM BBT: FOTH 9:06 AM BBT: We are back to some whispering. Willie says that he just wants Britney to come off looking like a good person. [because of the FOTH, nothing is making sense... Sheldon] Britney says that everyone is saying that someone is coming back, but no one is coming back, the coaches are coming into the game. She says, 'Why else would they give us keys?' They put the 'evidence' together more. Shane says that they aren't going to just hand the coaches 100k just for coaching. Willie says that they are going to play for half a million dollars. Shane asks Brit if she thinks it was just a way to get them into the house. Brit says she knows some stuff that she can't talk about and we get a small round of FOTH. 9:10 AM BBT: Talk is about Joe. Shane said that Frank was talking about something of an alliance... Frank also told Janelle about it. They are just talking in circles about it. Britney doesn't want to be the one to break the news because then everyone will hate her. Shane said that they should spread a rumor. Britney says that they have to use Frank because he already knows. Brit says that she thinks that the coaches are doing what they have to do to get by. Britney says that the other coaches don't like her. She says that Janelle doesn't want Kara to stay because down the line, Janelle Dan and Kara want to align later on down the road. Talk stays on Janelle wanting to keep Kara. 9:16 AM BBT: Britney wants to talk to Boogie about this twist. Willie says to strike a deal with him and Britney says no, just to see where his head is at. Britney goes and gets Boogie. Willie and Shane leave. (For the past few minutes, the audio is on this convo but the picture is outside) Brit says that there is a rumor in the house and that Frank has mentioned it. Boogie asks what rumor. Britney says about the coaches coming in the game. Boogie says that they have put enough confusion on the viewers already. Boogie says that without a double eviction it plays out perfectly. Brit points out that jury starts out 2 weeks early. Boogie says its so complicated with the whole set up and that the contract was all about coaching. Brit mentions the last byline of the contract saying that they can change anything at any moment. Boogie says he is thankful that he isnt in HOH. Boogie says that the more they talk about the rumor the less it will happen even though they wish it would. Boogie says that the rumor didnt come from him. 9:22 AM BBT: Talk turns to how Boogie is coaching Frank. He says he told Frank to just lay back. Boogie says that he is playing this game as a coach and that this week is all about survival. Boogie says that he wouldn't be surprised if Frank is leaving and that Boogie doesn't want to be another annoyance upstairs for either Britney or Willie. Boogie says that he never told Frank about the rumor and that Boogie wants it to happen. Boogie says that it wont happen with all four coaches in the house [sounds like a ploy to get Dan out of the house... Sheldon] Boogie changes the conversation to the eviction and how it will cripple Dan severely. Brit says that she needs to calm down Willie. Boogie asks why and Brit says that he is going nuts over the rumor. Boogie asks why anyone that is locked in the house know anything more about the game. Brit and Boogie leave the arcade and go to the kitchen for breakfast. 9:28 AM BBT: (I still have picture of outside and audio of the kitchen...) Boogie and Shane are making omelets. (Finally the picture and adio sync.) Boogie is asking for a small pan. Wil is in he kitchen now. JoJo comes in for more coffee. The game talk has come to a screeching halt and now its just general chit chat about breakfast. 9:41 AM BBT: Nothing to report... Still breakfast chit chat. 9:47 AM BBT: Same stuff... There is a group in the kitchen talking about the color of Britney's nails. {I'm off for the morning! Have fun LFUs!!}
  11. Sheldon

    7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    2:42 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Shane is holding the POV. Willie, Britney and JoJo are in the HOH. Britney is saying that Janelle's team is going to try and get rid of Kara. Britney seems to want to get rid of Kara. Britney said that at the end of the day, Team Britney has the HOH and the POV. Brit says to give it a couple of days until they go to Frank. Janelle comes into the HOH and says that Boogie is pissed. He didnt say congratulations at all. Britney is saying that it was something about putting coins in a slot or something. They are rehashing the comp. Apparently Kara and Danielle were working together during the competition under Dan's coaching. 2:51 PM BBT: Joe comes into the HOH. Continuing to rehashing the competition and talking about how Team Boogie and Team Dan are working together. Janelle figures out that Ian was going in between Boogie and Dan's group sharing the strategies. 2:56 PM BBT: There is some Boogie Bashing going on in the HOH. Britney said that she cant believe that 'they' (Dan and Boogie) had 3 people against them in the POV. Willie said that they have done what they have to do, now they need to worry about the next HOH. Brit says that skill games are not Frank's thing. Janelle says it isn't Kara's either. 3:02 PM BBT: They are just rehashing the same stuff in the HOH. Switching Feeds to Dan in the kitchen with Frank. Seems to be a somber mood, and then we get a brief FOTH. When we get back. Frank is fixing food and someone is doing dishes. No one is speaking. Dan and Frank start to speak about the competition a little. Apparently Frank got a face full of dish soap. Frank tells a passing Janelle that the SR has been restocked. Frank wishes that he didn't miss so many times. [i'm going to take a few hours off. Have fun updaters!!]
  12. Sheldon

    7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:39 PM BBT: Trivia 1:40 PM BBT: Still trivia.
  13. Sheldon

    7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:26 PM BBT: Feeds are back and the POV hasn't started. There is a group in the living room chit chatting about food. KAra is hungry but doesn't want to eat. Danielle Kara, Shane and Dan are the ones in the LR. They are talking about what colors they are wearing in the competition and what colors they look good in. I switched feeds to see Janelle and Frank playing chess (it's more interesting...) Janelle feels like Frank has her beat, but Frank sees a way out for her. They decide to put the game on pause because JoJO is in DR and POV is about to start.
  14. Sheldon

    7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:05 PM BBT: FOTH 12:15 PM BBT: FOTH still. POV has either started or Ashley is being taken from the house... [The former is probably whats happening--Sheldon]
  15. Sheldon

    7/12 & 7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:30 AM BBT: Willie and Danielle are talking game in the bathroom. They are discussing Dan and Boogie. Danielle is Boogie Bashing a little bit, basically saying that Boogie is trying to turn each team against each other. Willie is complaining about the indoor LD to someone (I don't know who). Willie and Danielle are now talking about the decoration around the bathroom. Willie was told in the DR that he is not allowed to shave. 11:40 AM BBT: Frank, Janelle and Wil playing Chess. They are discussing the rapidly depleting store of food in the house. They are hoping to get more tomorrow. Britney joins the group and they start talking about a wedding show and about a fight on the show. Janelle and Frank are teaching Wil to play chess. Talk turns to queens because they had just explained how the queen moves on the chess board. 11:48 AM BBT: Talk turns back to food. A lot of the food is expiring or has expired. The chess club is talking about when they will get more. Janelle is talking to Frank about chess briefly. Wil then starts talking to Britney about her honeymoon in Paris. Janelle is now in check. Britney is saying that Frank's queen is vicious. Wil and Britney both don't know how to play chess. JoJo was just called to the DR. 11:54 AM BBT: Talk turns to Ke$ha. Wil said she released a snip of her new single and it was terrible. Britney says that she is excited to see Britney Spears on the X Factor. Janelle agrees. Britney leaves to curl her hair, but before she does she tells the chess club that if they keep this up, on a regular week, they will never get to go outside. Frank then leaves to use the bathroom.