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  1. Well, it's "what Danielle would have wanted", lol. It cracks me up the way they talk about her like she died or something.
  2. twothumbs

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    I'm no Brendan hater, but I do find that I like Rachel better when he's not around. It was true for me last year and I'm finding it so this year, too. .I wonder if she ultimately has low self esteem, and so feels the need to overcompensate around "her man". I also admit, that I tend to like the underdog, which I think Rachel has been because of the ginormous target on her back since day one. Plus, this is not fair (I know), but I've never liked Danielle and so now I dislike Porche and Kalia by association. So I hope Rachel and Jordan kick them to the curb (and I won't mind if Adam hangs around a while, too).
  3. twothumbs

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    NOOOOOOO!!! Why does that man insist on ruining TV for me?! Isn't this what CSPAN is for?
  4. twothumbs

    Pandora's Box #2

    You are so right! lol And I hate to be crude, but in that picture on the update page of Jesse, he looks a little, um, lacking in the underwear department if you know what I mean. I mean, I know he's proud of his muscles, but if I was him I would have had that shot cropped at the waist! eeek!
  5. twothumbs

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    Since we're going to have an accelerated schedule this week with one person being shown leaving on Wed and I assume a live eviction on Thursday...anyone have an idea of what will happen what days? I would have thought the first noms would have already been made by now!
  6. twothumbs

    Jordan - Week 9

    I'm totally a Jordan fan, but I will say I hope Rachel takes the whole thing this season. My ideal situation would have Jordan in second place with Jeff getting AP. BUT with that said, I think it's funny when people talk about who "earns" the win, or that this or that is "not what big brother is about." From where I sit, the only rule in Big Brother is to last...whoever does that has "earned" it, regardless of how they get there. Yes, folks in BB do sometimes use the lying, backstabbing strategy, and it's a valid one that works. Others use winning at comps, others use personality to either sway votes or deflect attention. One way is no more noble than another in my opinion. And like Danielle and Shelly showed us, making "big" moves too early isn't always smart gameplay...sometimes it's just being impatient and having something to prove. Have you noticed that most of the times when the players talk about who has or has not earned it, it's usually from sour grapes? But, if you look back at the list of winners over the last 12 seasons, there has been a real mix of strategies, proving that BB is not ABOUT any one style. For me, I pick my favorites based on who's entertaining. For me, there's a complicated formula in my head that I don't even know myself that includes how much someone has gotten away with, how much they've won, how stupid or not they were, how strategic they were, and whether they came out of the whole thing likeable or not. Everyone's got their own formula, and I think that's ok, we (and no doubt the jury members) can all agree to disagree. But the whole argument of whether or not someone has "earned" it is to me, ludicrous. JMHO. Or maybe I'm just crazy!
  7. twothumbs

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    So, with the accelerated schedule this week with one person shown leaving Wed, and what I assume to be a live eviction Thursday...anyone know what events/competitions might happen on what days?
  8. I really hope that Rachel's wrong about the math and she's not pregnant. It would be kind of sad for half of america to know before the father! Have y'all noticed if she's continuing to drink alcohol these days? On another note, I agree with the recent comments about Rachel's kindness. I think she's so passionate and competitive that you don't always see it in the house, but I really believe she has a compassionate heart.
  9. BB game aside, I just wanted to say thank you for this.
  10. Right on. Jeff is definitely assertive, but anyone who has truly been around someone who displays bullying behaviors understands that there is a big difference between a no-holds-barred approach and one that is aggressive and bullying in nature.
  11. I think you are assuming that they would have gotten to the end as a trio, which is to me really a stretch. Until Jeff and Jordan got wind of Shelly working the other side, I really do think they were committed to her. Even this week, they were saying they would prefer her and Rachel to the final 4. I think if Shelly didn't feel so compelled to make a "big" move, one of JJ would have still left eventually, but whoever of JJ made it to the end with her would have kept her. As it is, I don't think she has much chance of going to final 2 with the other options...I think ultimately she will regret this. I don't blame her for playing her own game, but I wish if people were going to lie and backstab then they wouldn't make such a big deal about integrity. That's my beef with her. I think she was kind of nasty, but that's the game. I would have rather her said upfront (like Dick or Dr. Will), "Hey, I'm going to lie or betray or do whatever I need to do, because this is a friggin game."
  12. Yeah, but I don't want Shelly to even win second place...
  13. Wow..this is interesting to me. I hadn't heard this. I guess it's inline with Jeff saying the DR was trying to talk him into not putting Dani up. Guess they were desperate to keep her in the house. (For one, I'm relieved she's finally gone...I couldn't stand her)