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  1. Hey does anyone know if the show The Regulars has been picked up by a major network yet? I heard it had but I still haven't seen it on TV yet. I watched the pilot at : http://theregulars.tv/ and have been hooked ever since. It's hilarious and I hope Tanner and Oscar come to my city and visit my local diner and my favorite bar! Yeah they might have to drink a lot of beer, but they seem like they
  2. Hurley

    Terry O'Quinn as Locke

    Locke is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. I love the complexity of his character, how he's so unsure of himself and so sure of himself at the same time. I am only on season 2 though because I just discovered Lost this month. Trying to catch up without ruining it for myself.
  3. Hurley

    Dance War: Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann

    What did you think of Carrie Ann