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  1. LizPu

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Have to give Rachel her props these days. She stopped the drama, put on her big girl drawers and redeemed herself. Never thought I'd find myself rooting for her much less hoping she would win. With Jordan in second place. Jordan won once and $50K would go far with a sensible young woman who I understand bought her mother a home with her previous winnings. I just wish the same sort of practicality and sensibility on Brenchel if R wins. An additional thanks to Rachel for winning the POV that booted Shelly out, my personal dream come true!!
  2. I'm a bit old to ask for birthday presents but this year I made an exception --- I wanted to see Shelly evicted!!! (Shelly's butt --> ) Thank you Rachel for winning the POV and making my wish possible and thanks to Jordan for the assist!! Shelly over-played and over-stayed and thankfully will not get PAID. She can go home now and tell those pathetic blustery fairy tales of hers to someone who might care. She reminds me of Coach from Survivor, without the 'charm'. (Imagine how sad many of us are that news of his return to Survivor)
  3. Yes, I believe it is fake in the DR to sway public opinion and try to convince us she is a decent person with "integrity". The crying in front of the HG's may be a bit more real but IMO it comes from anger and frustration that she is losing control rather than any level of sorrow.
  4. Great! The hoodoo worked! Huge game changer. When the whambulance arrives they won't know which ones to pick up now. BahBye to Shelly first and K or P in any order.
  5. Shelly is such an irritating control freak and a legend in her own mind. She can roll all over the HG's but she wants to control viewers and bloggers too with her fake crying and 'integrity' jags. What many of us think of her will have no impact on her life out of the house but it's possible a few who work with her are seeing her in a new light. The empress may be wearing no clothes but she does have on combat boots and an ammo belt! If two more go up it's probably Adam and Shelly going up. As Seacrest likes to say, "Shelly out." (I hope, I hope, I hope)
  6. LizPu

    Shelly - Week 7

    There are times when I think sHELLy has a little 'crush' on Jordan. My dream for tomorrow is watching Dani leave followed closely in the double eviction by big mama. I would actually have a tiny bit of sympathy for Brendon stuck in jury with those two.
  7. Daniele: "This house is so stupid, like seriously, so stupid. All it is is like a dictator ship this whole season. And that is why I didn't want to be any part of it. And these people don't get it. Why would you want to sit here all summer to write somebody else a paycheck. It does not make sense to me." Profound 'wisdom' out of the mouth of one of the so-called 'dictators' herself. How funny. She just forgot to add, 'unless they're sitting here to write MY paycheck". Someone needs to embroider a little wall hanging for the house, "Everybody here wants to win; no one was sent here to guarantee yours".
  8. LizPu

    Shelly - Week 7

    "Shelly says she gets nothing because her stipend goes to her work, and if Jeff and Jordan go to the end and one wins, it is dual money, and counting how much they will rake in, it is not fair." What a tool. If her company gets her stipend it must mean her salary is being continued and they are using the BB money to replace any PTO overage. This would keep her benefits in place. So from this she can lie and say she gets 'nothing'? Last I checked J/J are not joined at the hip and are not married so they will receive any money as individuals and can do whatever they want with the $$$ like everyone else. Did Shelly forget that 6 people came in as theme couples? So it's only "fair" in her thinking for the single newbies to win?? I hope her daughter is only allowed to see the show and not the feeds or boards as it would be sad for little Josie to see her pious mommy being such a hypocrite.
  9. If Dani ends up keeping one friend out of the house after they have seen the tapes I will be so surprised. Didn't care for her on her first season but tried to give her a chance this time around. Didn't last long, her little princess diva b/s is too much for me acting like she's doing Kalia a favor befriending her. I hope the Shelly plot falls flat and see Dani out the door but I think the producers want to keep her in the game and have made a deal with Shelly. If Dani is evicted tho, Shelly better start packing. Good riddance to Mrs holier-than-thou too!
  10. LizPu

    Shelly - Week 7

    I'm with you Fatcat, "I have stated the truth , Jeff is hot and I love to look at him, I love Jordan because she is real and not a hateful spiteful bitch, Jeff has a right to state his mind and I would not want it any other way in any one man or woman, the minute someone does not agree on who they like everyone gets there feathers ruffled, there is no right or wrong here,just opinions." Without some backstabbing and little lies, there would be no BB or Survivor for that matter. It's how the game moves forward til there's one left. My issue with Shelly has been her 'know it all' crap and I think she actually believes she is smarter than everyone in the house because she's 'older' and is a mom. That she began to conflate her momhood with her trustworthiness was when she went over my line of judgment (and opinion). It's like so many instances when a HG would swear on their mother thinking no one would mistrust that little pinky swear. When Shelly bullies Rachel and then gloats about it for hours I throw up in my mouth just a little and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she is a 'bully' in real life as well. Not defending some of Rachel's pathetic attention getting behavior but Shelly sees R's weakness and IMHO goes for the jugular rather than keeping it at any sort of 'game' level.
  11. Dani --- Leslie Gore called and said, "It's your party and you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to.." Her pouting about the grand b'day party she didn't get reminds me of Gnatalie finding out she wasn't going to get a big bucks, gala televised wedding from BB. Too bad, so sad.
  12. LizPu

    Shelly - Week 7

    ITA, but maybe you forgot 'frickin know-it-all'. I think she also tries to act like a dude because of where she works; no sissies allowed over there!
  13. "Daniele tells Shelly she is sorry for making a mess. Shelly says not to worry, she will sweep after everyone is done eating." Is Dani too weak from being on slop for 30 minutes to clean up her own messes? I know Shelly loves playing mom but really?
  14. LizPu

    Rachel - Week 5

    I'm with you.
  15. LizPu

    Daniele - Week 5

    Have never been a Dani fan but this season she is definitely making headway into Gnatalie's record of least liked HG evah!!!! And that takes some doing!