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  1. Berrie333

    Twist REVEALED!

    It's old and it's boring! Jen and Ryan BB9... it was done 3 years ago! BOO
  2. Berrie333

    BB 12

    I would like to see some different games, It seems we get the same games (POV, FC, HOH) just different versions. Let's get creative people!
  3. Berrie333

    BB 12

    Yep Youtube!! YAY My fiance has never even heard of Big Brother and when I tried to explain that is my life for three months, he wanted to know more. Told him about the show, he was not even interested. So I said, how about we watch a few episodes so you can kinda see what it is like. Three shows into Season 11 and he is HOOKED! Now we are on Season 8.
  4. Berrie333

    BB 12

    Regardless if the game is played the same or not, each person always plays it a little bit different. Going back and re-watching all the Seasons really makes my love for the show grow. It also makes me see how different the show is by its self without watching it at the same time as the feeds and BBAD. Funny enough I skipped Season 9 and went right to 8.....
  5. Berrie333

    BB 12

    LOL - for some reason all I can think about is the Big Brother house with Gallagher sized furniture and stuff..... Then I thought, I wonder how many even remember Gallagher and his giant couch.....
  6. Berrie333

    Bb Photoshoot

    The Real Deal has posted his pictures from the Wrap Party and will be posting the gag reel soon also. You will need to add him as a friend on Myspace to view them. He will add anyone, all he asks is that no negative comments are made about his photos. Here is the link : http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=247591927 Enjoy!
  7. 12:50 feeds come back, sounds like it was jessie in the gorilla costume.
  8. 12:19 BBT - FOTH 12:38 BBT - Still FOTH 12:56 BBT - Fishes has become Triva (I wonder what could be going on?) 1:25 BBT - Still Trivia 1:41 BBT : We are back and they have made the table smaller.
  9. 6:40 April and Jerry are nominated
  10. 11:55 am BBT - Not much going on in HOH, just some chatting about previous hg's Amanda ( BB9) and Erica (BB3&7) 11:58 - FOTH and back in a min, HG's are now off of the lock down and are heading down stairs. Back to cleaning and ADL's.
  11. 10:18am BBT - All the Hg's are up and around cleaning for the big day 10:25 BBT - Michelle and Jessie are in the spa room cleaning, they are going over all the messages played early this morning. They both think the HOH comp will have something to do with them. (I agree) 10:42 FOTH 10:42 All hg's are heading upstairs for hoh lockdown 10:47 - BB showed us a quick glimpse of the backyard and it is set up for questions tonight. All HG's are in the HOH for lockdown.
  12. 11:27 am BBT - All 4 feeds on Jerry and Ollie in the living room talking. They think there is going to be a food comp today because the food is getting so low. No one seems to know. Keesha walks through the LR and Jerry is trying to figure out if she got the camera or not. Sounds like Keesha locked herself out of the HOH room and has gone to DR to get them to let you back in. Jerry made a comment about how it was nice to see her walk by ( Keesha was wearing a bikini). 11:32am - Feeds finally changed to the bathroom, Anigie, Libra, and Renny are putting on make-up and doing their hair. Very little talk, if they do talk it is not game play. April has now joined them as well. (Zzzzzzzzzz....) 11:44am BBT - BB: Dan, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted. Feeds still on Renny and Angie in the Bathroom. Angie is called to the DR. 11:45 BBT - Feeds change to Michelle and Dan in the Spa Room. One of them is making nosies like Beaker from the Muppets. Just noticed that Ollie is in there also, can only see his feet and part of his legs. There was a little talk about the living in the house, but again no game talk. Now the silence is among them. Camera people are having fun zooming in and out on Dan and Michelle.
  13. 9:27am All the HG's are up and around doing ADL's
  14. Berrie333

    July 24 - Live Feed Updates

    9:01am BBT - All the Hg's are up and doing ADL's.
  15. Berrie333

    July 24 - Live Feed Updates

    7:36am BBT - All HG's are still sleeping.