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    this is the part of the game that i didn't know if i would like. hgs are not allowed to talk about noms with each other, so it takes away the conspiring with each other. the nom ceremony was great! all the hg go into a room and 1 by 1 step into a sound proof glass box and have 5 pts to nom 2 hg. (3 pts joe, 2 pts bill) and the reasons why. if you don't give good reasons, you could find yourself nommed. bb has a sense of humor but is very strict, which i really like. its been a really entertaining show so far.
  2. ajmac

    Aaryn - Week 5 - HOH

    She's gotta be enjoying this
  3. ajmac

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    demanda is so wired right now, hope she bombs in the pov.
  4. ajmac

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    yes! mortysarmy has spoken. go cand!
  5. ajmac

    Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    it would be best for howard if e was 3rd nom coz she can't play in pov. my perfect scenario would be demanda the 3rd nom and the pov be "how bad do u want it" and howard wins.
  6. ajmac

    Howard - Week 5 - Evicted (Aug. 1)

    It's the classic "good vs evil" this week, so I'm pulling for him. Hmmmm...do you think the POV will be something physical?
  7. ajmac

    Candice - Week 5 Replacement Nominee

    lol....best idea i've heard today!
  8. ajmac

    Jessie - Week 5

    Perks Spence up! Lol
  9. ajmac

    Amanda - Week 5 MVP Nominee

    i would love to see demanda on the block too. especially if howard is on block. and howard wins pov.
  10. Lol...busted Spence! It's weird how she will bust out a yoga move out of nowhere and stare at someone while she does it.
  11. it's fun to watch spen sweat
  12. ajmac

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    i'm in. amanda 10
  13. ajmac

    Helen - Week 5

    She sure likes being the messenger.
  14. 1- kait 2- gm will cry when she finds out america doesn't like her 3- how/cand please bb gods
  15. ajmac

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    Lol.....good one! Zing!