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  1. ajmac

    Amanda - Week 4

    lol...go jc
  2. ajmac

    BB15 General Discussion

    still got mine and i don't care who they go to so 1st hg to get 3 votes will get my votes.
  3. ajmac

    Aaryn - Week 4 - Nominated

    i've heard judd tell a few people about this backdoor he might do and sounds like it might be a good one. is this just talk or does he really have someone in mind?
  4. ajmac

    Amanda - Week 4

    lol...only on bb
  5. ajmac

    Amanda - Week 4

    ugly video. sadly it's a snapshot of the society we live in today.
  6. ajmac


    Gm/nick because it's so...how do you say...unique Runner up Helen and her hoh key...Jessie's comment
  7. ajmac

    Helen - Week 4

    i bet judd caught that too. ole j u dd has a good grasp on whats going on in house.
  8. i agree, spec-how are both on the list and gm blames judd for nick leaving so he may want her gone.
  9. You think he threw it or blew it?
  10. ajmac

    GinaMarie - Week 3

    Lol bring a date, good one.....I go back and forth on gm, I feel sorry for her then think of some the things she has said and done. Girl just needs to get out of the house. I'd hate to be in sequester with her for several weeks.
  11. Never travel by train in Arkansas Unemployment in the USA is rising Getting evicted 1st or 2 nd is worth far more than the 500k grand prize You can go back in time & do the things you missed out on growing up (helen) Living on a boat is bad for your mental stability There's trouble in paradise if your wife/gf is ordering pizza more than twice a week
  12. ajmac

    McCrae - Week 3

    is he joking about having a bb wedding or is he serious? i saw a ring he made and was showing it to someone. i can't believe the way his game is going downhill.
  13. ajmac

    Amanda - Week 3

    seems the jer-me comment struck a nerve with her. what the mean kids say are not only offensive but the tone they use is ugly and mean. makes you cringe at times.
  14. 1-jess 2-agree with the aaryn will be upset after hoh questions 3-someone that will nom who they want and not what the house wants, who would that be?
  15. fatal attraction 2 will start filming sometime this fall
  16. ajmac

    Howard - Week 3

    jun from bb4 is on robhasapodcast.com and has some interesting comments about the DR
  17. ajmac

    This is how it looks to me.....

    thoughts on bb canada, do you think they had any manipulation during the first season? i think they wanted gary back in and they got that done. i do applaud them for enforcing the rules.
  18. ajmac

    BB15 General Discussion

    judds the host, need i say more.
  19. ajmac

    BB15 General Discussion

    me too. i'd like to see them out before jury, in hopes julie will smack them around some.
  20. ajmac

    BB15 General Discussion

    is nerd herd 2 starting to form?
  21. ajmac

    Helen - Week 3 - HOH

    helen seems to have caught a case of hoh'itis
  22. ajmac

    Jeremy - Week 3 - Evicted (July 18)

    i agree...don't care for the guy but at least he knows the situation and is handling it better than i thought he would. we will see.
  23. ajmac

    McCrae - Week 2

    I think his main concern right now is making it to jury, then let the chips fall where they may.