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  1. kacio

    The Bachelor: Love Takes Flight - 1/4/10

    I demand a recount
  2. kacio

    Michael Blosil

    How sad
  3. kacio

    Survivor 20 Discussion Thread

    They should vote Coach off for giving Probst the finger lol
  4. kacio

    Jordan and Jeff...Philiminated 3/21

    In all teams / partnerships / relationships there will be one member smarter, one member stronger or one member stronger AND smarter. It's life they're just on TV Just like in my marriage. I am the smarter and stronger one but i dont mind carrying the hubby.
  5. kacio

    Randy Bailey

    ITA, SugarB. Except I felt the buff toss proved what a bitter old blank he STILL is
  6. kacio

    The Bachelor: Love Takes Flight - 1/4/10

    LOVE it. She cant say she wasnt sure where the cameras where for that now can she?
  7. kacio

    Parvati Shallow

    (Hopefully) she'll go soon enough
  8. kacio

    I liked Russell last season just wish he would play different this time so he could win
  9. kacio

    James Clement

    BAM - Randy's out of the challange!! And yes, gross. She's a cross between a bug-eyed guppy and a wide mouth bass
  10. kacio

    Survivor 20 Discussion Thread

    Thank God he is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone!!!!!!
  11. kacio

    The Bachelor: Love Takes Flight - 1/4/10

    Rozlyn= poor actress, liar, skank
  12. kacio

    James Clement

    '....and his booty call' Grooooooooooooooooooss I hope James' got better taste
  13. KING123; "dang,,, she was my favorite from that season!! best moment in survivor history... well one of them... is when she was yelling at the camera during tribal council about randy!" I could not agree more!! My favorite TC of all time. To this day its one of the funniest things I have ever seen. LOVED IT!!
  14. kacio

    Randy Bailey

    I was thinkin the same thing