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  1. 5:02 PM BBT - Still on CBB #1 episodes 5:37 PM BBT - Still on CBB #1 episodes
  2. 6:15 PM BBT - Brett and Scottie are in the kitchen about Thursday's vote and how they didn't know who Sam was going to vote and Scottie said how it might have gone the other way if they had known. Scottie is saying that JC told both sides what they wanted to hear about his vote. He told Fessy and Scottie that he freaked out and voted the other way. Scotties says that it's very curious stuff about JC and how JC seemed to be freaking out after the hacker competition.
  3. 5:45 - 6:10 BBT - Tyler is giving Sam a pep talk because she's been crying that she doesn't want to look stupid in the game, etc. He patiently listened to her and then took her into the Have_Not Room and grabbed her shoulders and told her to stop crying and that she's doing everything great! Sam told him that she wasn't doing anything and he agreed that was awesome--she's made the top 10 and millions of people would want to do that. He told her that she's one of the best people that he knows and that he doesn't want to see her sad anymore. They hug and she tells him that she's worried about him. He says that he's fine and will only use the app if he needs to and that she's the only one who knows that he has it.
  4. 7:52 PM BBT - Tyler is in HOH room talking to Kaitlyn about using the POV on Scottie. Kaitlyn is nervous. She was looking at the memory wall - and asks if its fair, just because that Swaggy is the ring leader? If she nominates Swaggy then her team/friends will dislike her. She realizes that if she makes the decision that it will ruin her relationship with her friends. Tyler tries to reassure her that it won't. She wants to know how to explain to Rock Star after it happens. Tyler thinks that she should tell them up front. Kaitlyn is saying that she is freaking out but she's going to do it even though her family warned her not to make a big move early on. Tyler says that Swaggy is talking bad about her. Kaitlyn is going to tell them 10 minutes before the POV ceremony and make a speech about how she never thought that she was going to do that and that Swaggy is not her puppet master. She tells Tyler to keep reminding her that Swaggy talks bad about her.
  5. I feel bad for Jessica. She is struggling with everyone being mean to them. She's seriously considering walking.
  6. I really love BBOT! I love being involved with the voting! I love watching the Live Diary Sessions as well as the live comps. So worth it!
  7. Alex is concerned that Kryssie is targetting Morgan. Morgan just finished taking a cold shower but didn't wash her hair...she's going to do that in the sink tomorrow.
  8. Shelby and Alex in HoH saying that they have the votes because Justin is going to vote with them. Alex would nominate Kryssie if one of them wins veto but knows that Neely or Whitney would be awesome pawns because no one would vote them out. But Alex needs to know who America's nominee is but she believed Justin when he said that he wanted Shane out.
  9. Scott and Morgan were practicing the golf putting after Monte was teaching her to play pool. ILD
  10. Shane and Danielle are hoping that America will nominate Scott and they are gunning after Alex!
  11. Shane and Danielle are on the block. They left the room when Alex came down to explain that she was sorry but they are strong players.
  12. HGs had to find 4 items that that were new to the house and enter the #s into a machine that would unlock the safe that held the veto. Winning combination was 2449. Two new chairs, 4 letters spelling out Veto on the fridge, 4 flowers, and 9 fish. Jason won veto.
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