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  1. 12:11 AM Allison was asked to go to DR and all of a sudden feeds went to FOTH. 12:16 AM Feeds are back.. Natalie and Sheila talking about the rules a little (didn't catch it too much, but i think it was about telling other people whether they got accepted into the show or not) 12:18 AM All feeds are on Josh and Sharon in HOH room.. talking about their "pay check" Josh: "Oh god, I just want my check now" Sharon: "No Joke, I'd pay off by debt" Josh: "Give me that money and that'd totally take care of my debt" Sharon: "Yeah mine too, I feel like we got that far we deserved that money, we worked harder than everybody in this house" Sharon: "You worked so hard you almost got a penalty vote, nobody works harder than you" (referring to Josh) 12:22 AM Useless chatter.. Sharon has a headache and Josh told her to grab some Advil but she said it makes her tired so no thanks. Sharon: "I don't take medication for anything" Josh: "Oh you're a natural like Allison I forgot" (lol) 12:25 AM Feeds went back to FOTH... (really, not missing anything.. since all 4 feeds is on useless slow chatter in HOH room)
  2. brucebeh

    Saturday, March 1st

    lol watching them discussing orgasms... and just noticed.. the windows REALLY need to be cleaned properly, i can see "ghost shadows"
  3. brucebeh

    Allison & Ryan

    yeah.. whats up with that? did i miss something or it was complete sarcasm?
  4. brucebeh

    BB Air In HD Or Not?

    hm? I think the show will be in real HD, but all the in-house scenes will be upconvert to HD. It is on the HD schedule... http://www.cbs.com/info/hdtv/index.php Look in July 5th.. I personally hope it's in HD. the entire thing, in-house and out.
  5. 12:26 pm - People in HOH room talking about masterbating and having sex.. some stuff that probably shouldn't even be on morty's Howie just mentioned the live feeds are probably skyrocketing because of the conversation they are having.
  6. Marcellas, Will, Howie, Janelle, Jase all in HOH room 12:12 pm - Howie just kissed Will in HOH room and will said, "your breath is like hot garbage" 12:13 pm - Will looking at a picture of Howie and Janelle and was joking around saying howie's hand was "grabbing lots"
  7. 11:57 pm - Will talking in the kitchen about the BB he was on and when they lost food competitions, they had only 5 minutes to BRING all the food from kitchen to storage, so everyone would just go crazy and eat as much as they can. Then BB would say "GO TO STORAGE NOW" and they would still be eating and moving stuff at the same time. Kaysar, James, Will, Marcellas, Janelle, Mike are sitting around the kitchen talking about previous big brother seasons. Everyone awake except Jase is in/around the kitchen area
  8. 11:47 pm - Will started playing a beat with his hand on the table and others started singing, "we will we will rock you", Marcellas saids "no singing" then we get fire for a few seconds 11:50 pm - Alison is asleep already in the big (use to be GOLD) room 11:51 pm - Will is talking about MTV and laguna beach and they cut to foth
  9. 11:14 pm - Howie, Kaysar, James, Erika and George are playing a duck throwing game, they are throwing ducks into a bucket in the middle of the yard.
  10. 9:57 pm - Kaysar and Erika playing pool Kaysar: Like if i do this, they will think i'm picking my nose oh my gosh, but im not. Erika: Kaysar is not picking his nose, he was just scratching. Kaysar: Scratching Erika: I don't think we have anyone on us Kaysar: Right there Erika: Oh. Kaysar: Of course we're popular. Erika: They are like the two quiet ones, they are like, never have erika and kaysar together, they are the two quietiest people.. Kaysar: I know.. ha Kaysar: I'm going to go get a glass of milk, and come back, maybe something will happen. Maybe then you'll actually make a ball in or something, i dunno. Erika: its not us its the pool table kaysar: the pool table is slanted. we tried to put cardboard boxes... see, its so slanted that she keeps scratching people.. theres nothing you can do. its so slanted sometimes i can make something in, makes my game better. erika: okay, im just going to break it up, sacrificing for the team kaysar: do what you gotta do, you'll get 4 in *heh, nothing interesting*
  11. 9:49 pm - The guys are sitting outside talking about microphones. Will was singing (with his own lyrics) and someone said (not bb), "Will.. please stop..." then feeds cut to fire
  12. 9:24 pm - James in storage room picking out the fruits from one tray into another, then takes the tray off to put pop beer in to other HG's
  13. ALL TIMES LISTED IS BB TIME 9:18 pm - Janelle and Nakomis is playing chess upstairs outside the HOH room. Don't know where other people are (probably kitchen) can slightly hear them chatting. 9:21 pm - Will cutting watermelon for people in kitchen
  14. brucebeh

    Realplayer - Help/Discussion Thread

    hmm, im debating whether to sign up on real.com and get a 14 day free trial then $14.99/mth OR go with the CBS deal, 3 days free, $12.99/mth