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    Me either! It starts July 14! I love the promo for this season, and has everyone seen the white collar/psych crossover one? Hilarious.
  2. This is coming back July 13!! So excited.. Also this crossover is hilarious...
  3. It's been months and I am still obsessed with this soundtrack. AND JGL of course!
  4. CarolinaGirl

    Robin Hood

    I am big fan of Cate Blanchett - I've almost always been pleased with her films. I think I am gonna see it for myself, but thanks for the reviews!
  5. Anyone seen the trailers for this movie? I like that it's not pure adventure - there is a lot of comedy and romance mixed in. I hope Jay Baruchel gets the girl! trailer
  6. Starts June 8... Anyone else think it's gonna be the next Gossip Girl?
  7. CarolinaGirl

    Doctor Who

    Is everyone getting excited for the BBC America premiere on Saturday?? Can't wait to see Matt Smith as the new Doctor, I like him already. I'm also very happy that they're going to be showing it with limited commercial interruption...
  8. What did yall think of last night's episode? I won't spoil it but it definitely paved the way for Mary and Marshall to get together...
  9. She sure did! I'm happy she did though.. I liked her scenes with her mom in the premiere, lots of tension. Is everyone excited about the new one tonight??
  10. CarolinaGirl

    Doctor Who

    New series starting April 17 on BBC America! Has everyone checked out the website? They've got a ton of exclusive interviews and stuff..
  11. Have yall seen these commercials? With Hillary Duff? It looks cute..
  12. Premiere night! And Donnie Wahlberg's on tonights episode.. sweet!
  13. The premeire is tonight! Aren't yall excited to see what happens with Goren leaving?
  14. No other fans? The second season starts tonight...
  15. Also, FYI guys - March 31 is a WEDNESDAY! It moved nights, don't want anyone to miss it!
  16. The tv show... who watched last summer? I loved it! And its coming back March 29th...
  17. Does everyone know that the new season starts March 30? AND it's moving to Tuesday nights, so don't miss it. I'm pumped...
  18. She's definitely attractive ,she's a total bada$$ and she's got a soft side (you can tell when she interacts with her mom/sister) - why wouldn't he be into her? They're really cute in this clip...
  19. I dont think Marshall is too good for Mary, i think they're perfect for each other. They're witty banter is hilarious and he kinda balances her out.. Although i certainly wouldnt mind having Marshall all to myself...
  20. Meeeee too! I love Marshall and Mary.. Really just Marshall and Mary together... She's clearly not gonna die but do you think she and Marshall are gonna get together when she recovers? Since she did almost die?
  21. Another USA gem! And it starts March 31! Thank god cause i need something to fill Burn Notice's spot!
  22. Nah, i dont think she had her baby yet, i'm sure she'll be back this week. Speaking of, i was dyyyying with no new episode this week, i can not wait for Tuesday!
  23. Did you watch? It was another good one.. Peter and Neal as roommates was HILARIOUS!
  24. It was the one where Neal's drugged? And he's also in scrubs (yum)? Anyway, yeah it will definitely be replayed and its on the website.. Another new one tonight!
  25. Yeah agreed but i think something is still up.. i'm not convinced the twists are over.. Some of my friends still dont believe that peter is "good" but i don't know about that either.. Did you watch on tuesday? Another great episode, i'm gonna be really sad when this season ends...
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