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  1. Reptilian97

    Carol - Evicted Day 13

    Here's a recent interview with Carol.
  2. Reptilian97

    Zach - Evicted Day 76

    Just wanted to share my experience with purchasing one of Zach's "limited edition, signed and numbered" 4x6 prints on eBay. I won #5 out of 25 for 99 cents, and received it today. It included a computer-printed DolphinCrash sticker, and a low-resolution photo 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" in size, printed on 4x6 paper (so there's a white border around the photo). I contacted him telling him I wasn't too impressed with the photo quality, so he's sending me two more
  3. Reptilian97

    Don't Forget To Cancel Your Feeds

    Last month I called up to cancel my SuperPass, and of course the friendly Indian lady offered to give me a month free, etc. I actually took her up on the offer, because it wasn't a big deal for me to just wait another month and call back. The lady was very friendly and even asked me if I had ever been to India (I didn't think they were supposed to make it that obvious where they were located) Well, a few days ago I was reminded by Microsoft Money that I was about to be billed for SuperPass, so all I did was reply to the email that the lady had sent me about the free month. A couple of hours later I got two emails back confirming that my account was cancelled. Overall, the process was surprisingly simple... looks like I was the exception to the rule though
  4. Reptilian97

    Dick - Winner!

    This is probably because Dick, for example, is one of those "love 'em or hate 'em" type of guys. Such a character is bound to provoke heated debate between hardcore fans and haters. I agree though that we shouldn't attack each other. Not sure though what else we're supposed to talk about in the Dick thread aside from... well... Dick. I'm also not sure if we can "play nice" when talking about a guy who certainly didn't do a lot of that when in the Big Brother house.
  5. Reptilian97

    Dick - Winner!

    Move on to what? Big Brother 9? If we're not going to talk about BB8, we might as well close the forums down, as it's either talk about the show that's over, or about the one that hasn't started yet.
  6. Reptilian97

    New Zach Interview

    Eric did discuss it a bit in his Real Chat interview with Jessica--the question was asked whether Jen knew about his role as AP, and he said no way.
  7. Reptilian97

    New Zach Interview

    Haha, sure there is I would say that one is definitely it, considering there's an announcement of the Reality TV cruise on their page.
  8. Reptilian97

    Daniele - Runner-up

    When she's not smiling (which is most of the time), her expression reminds me of Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice).
  9. Reptilian97

    Eric - Evicted Day 69

    So his choice was to appear on Big Brother as America's Player, or not appear at all. Not exactly a great deal of control, IMHO.
  10. The Part 1 clip on YouTube starts with Eric answering the first question, so only the introduction and the moderator asking the question are cut off.
  11. Reptilian97

    Big Brother 8 items on Ebay

    Jen also has some of her shirts listed: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZjenj777asu