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  1. I also want to respond to Marty saying that there are no poor people in Newport RI. Newport has poor people. Just because the town is a tourist site and was once the playground for the Astros and Vanderbilt, doesn't mean that no poor people live there. In fact Google Park Holm, Tonomy Hill and Festival fields in Newport and see what you find,
  2. Guaranteed Final 3...In fact, if Porsche gets evicted next...she is pretty much a lock for final 2 but I do not see her winning.
  3. Long time lurker...infrequent poster. I have been watching since the very beginning and somehow get sucked in each season. I have been at mortys since BB3 I think. I gots the can't remember shititis. What I want to see... No mob mentality, no twists, backstabbin galore, interesting people...no showmances, new challenges and some yummy looking male eye candy.
  4. nemille

    American Idol General Discussion

    Well I was already not going to watch because I really don't like any of the final 3 but hearing that Haley is singing Rhiannon has truly made me glad I am not going to be watching.
  5. nemille

    Matt - Week 6 Nominee

    I think Matt is being an idiot right now. He should stop alluding to the special power and see how the votes are stacking up. He knows he isnt going home but the rest of the house doesn't know that. If I were in that position I would seriously be looking at how Hayden and Enzo are voting...Its a preview of things to come.
  6. nemille

    What twist woud you like to see?

    I think that America should be the next saboteur. This is how it would work. BB would tell the HG's there is a saboteur in the house (cause this will breed mistrust), and in my twist none of the players are the saboteur, then 3 times a week the saboteur will relay meeages to the HG's that we (meaning America) votes on. We can choose to mislead or send out valid information.
  7. nemille

    Past HGs Updates

    Dermatologists are MD's. Dermatology is just his specialty doesn't mean he can't deliver a baby. It means he prefers not to.
  8. That implies that someone wants to have sex with Natalie....uuuggh. Now I could see him cheating on her.
  9. nemille

    Lance and Keri

    Don't worry Jersey we will pay the yankees back when we sweep them in the playoffs.
  10. nemille

    Maria and Tiffany

    I had no opinion of them until they started commenting on the other teams during the segment where they were talking about reading people. I can't remember exactly what they said but they said something nasty about Zev and thats when I decided that I did not like them.
  11. I can hear Julie now instead of doing breathing exercises during labor she will say "Baby Chenbot by a vote of 1-0 you have been evicted from Julie Chen. You have one minute to say your goodbyes and leave."
  12. nemille


    Makes me wish I was South Korean.
  13. nemille

    Natalies Hand

    So whats the point of having rules?????
  14. nemille

    Thursday, 9/3 Live Show

    I used to work in a law office and we had a client named Morrison Forester, which we abbreviated to MoFo. I remember when I first started there I thought they were some swearing people because everything they said was Mofo this and Mofo that. Obviously after a couple of weeks I realized it was the shortened version of Morrison Forester but for a little while I was like Dayum.
  15. nemille

    Tuesday, Sept. 1st

    The only way Gnat wins HOH is if it is a nose picking contest.