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  1. zainabubu

    7/23 - Live Feed Updates

    (I seem to have missed something) Brend is petting Rachel, she seems to be upset over something (she just got told to stop talking about diary room sessions, so maybe something happened then. Can Brendan pls stop kissing her like that?!) Enzo, Lane and Hayden in dining area Hayden just went into the room Enzo making faces behind Kristen's back Lane and Kristen talking about wine; apparently Port has 25% alc Enzo mouthing to Matt in the dining room Lane, Matt and Enzo joking about Matt's win tonight "That guy won HOH" "That guy's still an asshole" Matt's wondering if they get a tape showing the good bye messages to the evicted house guests Apparently, Russell asked Julie if there was more to his, and she said something about him seeing it later. Time to feed the fish! Brendan is pretty much on Rachel right now (can we not see them making out anymore?) He's now sitting beside her, Rachel talking about her convo with Julie Julie asked if her thing with Brenda maybe going to fast, Rachel think Brend is a once in a life time sort of experience (time to go to bed for me, gd night)
  2. zainabubu

    7/23 - Live Feed Updates

    (had to step away for a few) Lane, Britney and Kathy are now chatting, trying to figure out their sleeping arrangements Playing a game now, Britney's naming the contestants from top left to right Brit and Lane talking about why Corrs is the best beer...apparently it's the best because it's made from the rockies (not much happening tonight)
  3. zainabubu

    7/23 - Live Feed Updates

    Ragan and Matt talking about the HOH comp Andrew and Kathy laying in a diff room doing nothing... Rach has left the room, it is now Kristy, Lane, Hayden, Matt and Enzo in the room Ragan just joined them Matt just thanked them for voting for him, and they're complementing his speech. According to them, his speech helped garner him so many votes. They expected 5-4 instead of the 7-2 he got. Rachel whispering into Brend's ear...(can't hear what she's saying) "Enzo, Matt, you are not allowed to talk about production" (lol)
  4. zainabubu

    8/27 - Live Feed Updates

    Russell has been evicted from the house
  5. zainabubu

    POV-Week 8

    It is so depressing that Jeff just won the POV... why is he so stupid to not realize that Natalie and Kevin are playing him!? Clue: they never liked you before your reign of power dummy!!! And Jordan! I've always known she wasn't very bright, but to be so gullible is just sickening to watch! If they BD Russell, both Jeff and Jordan pretty much end up screwing themselves over. Idiots!
  6. Dan won $500,00 Libra for Dan April for Dan Michelle for Dan Ollie for Dan Renny for Dan Keesha for Dan Jerry for Dan
  7. Dan has Michelle's vote! Watch his face when Keesha says that there is no way you can get Michelle's vote...the little smile that comes over his face may have given him away. Dan's telling her that there is another reason why Ollie will not vote for him. He says he has 2 things to tell her tomorrow. *what did Dan do to Ollie, is it the Renny incident?*
  8. Dan's letting her know that if he can't flip Memphis, he'll need to talk to her away from everyone else for 30 seconds.
  9. Dan's trying to let her know that she's survived through it all, despite fighting with everyone else. But she's happy she gets to give a speech, but Dan her to give one that allows her to remain true to herself (give a classy speech Keesha!) Dan's saying that he's never good at questions, which is Keesha's strong point. Dan just mentioned that Michelle is more pi...couldn't complete his sentence before Keesha cut in. (maybe he about to tell her about Michelle )
  10. 10:15PM BBT: Dan's using the restroom, while Keesha is just sitting on his chair in his room wiping the tears off her face Memphis is now eating something on the dining table. Now they are talking about how Memphis was never a bad guy through out. Dan's telling her that Memphis is also a bit upset about the situation also, and he's picking her over Jerry of all people! She's letting him know that he better make it to f2, and she'll make sure she gets the votes for him. Now Dan's asking her who she wants him to pick if gets to the finale.
  11. Keesha is pissed that she'll be leaving with nothing..."it sucks!" (Keesha) Memphis is laying down doing nothing in April and Ollie's old room Dan wants to tell her a couple of things (maybe he's going to let her know about Michelle!)
  12. She's still pissed at him saying "I'm sorry"...she feels really sorry for who ever gets sent out 3rd *this is so sad to watch ;( *
  13. 9:50pm bbt: She doesn't want Memphis to sleep in the room with her, Dan offered his bed to her instead. She's pissed that after having both Dan and Memphis's back, Memphis is going to play her this way! Dan thinks that Jerry is playing the weak part...but with Jerry know the fun facts word for word, Dan doesn't feel confident in beating him when it comes to the questions. (maybe someone should tell Memphis that)
  14. Dan wants to figure out a scenario in which they can convince Memphis into letting her stay. Keesha believes that because she and Dan are close, so he's scared that Keesha might pick Dan over him in f2, or Dan might pick her over him. While with Jerry, he'll only pick Memphis, because he can't stand Dan... Now Keesha is going off on Dan for not letting her know...he's trying to let her know that he was trying to work on Memphis to let her stay. Now she's rooting for Dan, she thinks he's a genuine person, and she doesn't want anyone else to win it (how will finding out about Michelle sway her?)
  15. She's leaving tomorrow instead of Thursday or she'd have lost her mind. Dan thinks that because of Jerry's injury, Memphis wants to take advantage of it and use him to get to the f3. She is definitely not going to vote for him, and she'll fight for him not to get any votes in jh. She is pissed at him saying "I'm sorry, give me hug" after she confronts him. She's surprised that he thinks he can beat Jerry. She thinks that only Dan and Jerry have a chance of winning.