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  1. Dick and Dani are in kitchen eating potato chips and trying to determine some flavoring. Dick offers to make some guacamole. General chitchat but they are at least getting along well.
  2. Dani and Jam having an honest to goodness conversations about their dogs. Jam says her father is a Vet. Dick is jamming to music in the BD and Zach is sleeping in HOH room.
  3. Jameka comes in Kitchen, studies a Dijorno Pizza box and seems inthralled. Goes and invites Zach to come down and eat. He was sleeping and had not idea what time it is. Back in the kitchen, Jam asks Dani about her past - happiest times in school, etc. Dani states she went to a small high school with kids that had known each other all the way through school. She saids she was friends with everybody and begins to talk about HS friends. Went to prom with her best friend, Joe. She says the others still handout but she doesn't hang with them anymore - she's too mature. Jam talks about her high school reunion.
  4. Dani just called out, "Showtime, if you're watching, don't. Watch reruns of Saved by the Bell or something. They are discussing dick getting a BB tatoo. He tried to find an empty spot for it.
  5. Now Dani is giving herself a pedicure. She's behind the table so all we see is the top of her head. (This won't win anybody an Emmy)
  6. Eric and Jameka talking very quietly. Jess walks in but chitchatting continuing with nothing really being said. Dick was called to DR. Zach appears to be moving his stuff back from HOH room. The last time I saw Dani she was picking at her hair and skin (basically "grooming" like monkey).
  7. Dick and Daniele are in BY making fun of Amber. Dick hates Amber and Jen but Daniele only really hates Jen. [if she talks about her friends, the way she is bashing Amber, I'll pass.]
  8. Just got on - HGs must be getting ready for dinner. Talking about NY. Zach just said the only thing he hasn't been in in New York is the Washington Monument - he may be dumber than he looks - tnp
  9. Chitchat at table. Then Zach, Dani and Dick go to BY while Eric, Jess and Jam do dishes. FOTH with same trivia over and over
  10. tnpatti

    Saturday, September 1st

    Quick observation - Jess has this little thing she does when she repeats something in a high silly voice and the pitch gets higher at the end. Jameka picked it up a couple of weeks ago and now Dani is doing it to. Of course, Dani is far up Zach's butt as she has been since the minute he got HOH.
  11. Feeds switching back and forth from all being on Jess in the shower while Eric is in bathroom to Zach by himself in the kitchen. The excitement is killing me!
  12. Eric and Dick in HT talking about how nothing is happening this week (they don't know about double elimination. They talk about the lack of America's choice. Eric says they might have had one and they only got 5 votes so they canceled itActually Eric is in the HT, Dick is on couch outside. Not sure why they are in HT since my son in LA said it is 110 degrees there today. Talk again about America's choice.
  13. 12:25 BBT and everyone is catching zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs
  14. Eric and Jess in bed talking with Jam. Jam is eating a Taco and they talk about having a cheesecake for dessert later. Jess and Jam both say they are not staying up late tonight. Maybe they don't know about the POV at midnight, but then again maybe they are used to staying up all night so midnight is early. Jess says she is not going to shave for a week since there is no hot water. They are having fun. Jess tells Eric, "You are a fine piece of Jew Meat." They have a laugh and Eric says the three are definitely oddballs. He teases Jam about hanging out with "21 year old white girls from Kansas." Jam says that Jess is a woman - not a girl
  15. Dani whining about BB only telling Dick they are on LD inside - wanted something from dryer. Dick says it is because he smokes. Dani replies, "So?" in that whinning voice that would drive a preacher to drink
  16. Dick is cleaning out the refrigerator - exciting stuff
  17. 8:47 BBT All feeds on sleeping HGs
  18. 6:05 BBT Dick is outside smoking and muttering while everyone else catches zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. First time to try to report - Nothing happening - all feeds on Dick vacuumingJam and Amber on knees scrubbing kitchen floor