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  1. Enjoying the summer by the pool

  2. Haven't seen ya around for awhile. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Sheri

    Sons Of Anarchy

    Something tells me all h@ll will be breaking loose in Farmington
  4. Sheri


    Big Brother 9 Winner Adam Arrested For Dealing Drugs Big Brother 9 had its fair share of crazies and somewhat low lives, but winner Adam Jasinski takes the cake. Today he was arrested for dealing drugs and speculation leads police to believe pills purchased using his Big Brother winnings. Adam also had some negative publicity during the show when he was fired from his job for using the word "retard". After the jump you can see the full story and watch Adam get arrest just like he was on Big Brother! Source: Fox Undercover Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski charged with dealing drugs Mike Beaudet FOX Undercover producers Jonathan Wells and Kevin Rothstein A reality television show star is in trouble with the law in Massachusetts, charged with flying to the Bay State to sell oxycodone pills. Adam Jasinski, last year
  5. Sorry 4 the late reply,been gone. That does suck about Swingtown, I really LOVED that show.

  6. Hi Sherri, I hope all is well with you.

    I haven't been watching much tv since Swingtown went off the air....I have not recovered from that.


  7. Hey Girl, when is your birthday?

  8. Ginger, where you at, need you back in the Sons of Anarchy Thread.

  9. Sheri

    Sons Of Anarchy

    Good to see you back in the "Sons" thread.............hate talking to myself Did see something awhile back that there will be a death among one of the Son's.
  10. Sheri

    Sons Of Anarchy

    OMG............The Son's are going to be out for blood when they find out Gemma was raped
  11. Sheri


    You guys finally got me hooked, watched 1st season yesterday and half way through the second season today,Sissy the pup is having a blast watching as well, she sits in the other recliner just staring at the TV, She did freak me out last night when we were sleeping and next thing I knew,I woke up and she was snuggled on my neck.
  12. I heard to bring a box of tissues
  13. Just couldn't get into this year, I tried but these HG's were really boring and I think the fact that Jessie came back just totally turned me away from BB.
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