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  1. Thank you St.Rafael, St.Michael, and St.Gabriel for hearing my prayers and wishes. praise to the heavenly guardians and Angels above, Peace,Love, and passion to all. Thanks be to God. amen
  2. I think we should seriously consider showing BB how we feel about this season and NOT VOTE for AC The jury has to Vote but WE Don’t!!!
  3. I agree with Enzo's prediction and we should make it come true,Brigade members will get 1st, 2nd, & AC- however to really rub it in how much America really CAN'T stand them & their gigantic swollen heads - the AC prize should go to the Brigade member that did ALL the work when the game was the hardest == MATT !!!! Brit did get 10K - Matt got them there and was loyal even when it was hopeless for him. It would never happen but wouldn't it be great if America didn't vote at ALL!!
  4. I can just imagine Jerry in the backyard tonight at the party... ...bragging that America loved him, and that he did own all the Jury votes............lol
  5. You deserve it Keesha........we Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Great Job Dan..........1st time in BB the winner SWEEPED all 7 Votes!!!!!!!!!
  7. first time a winner sweeped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. BB? Janelle & Howie re-invent Jedi training ala BB style (verbal study for quiz comps while sparing with light sabres jumping around on furniture) Allstars.......Will & Boogie diary room phone calls BB8 God that was Funny when Evel Dick found out he wasn't so brilliant and he kinda tried to agrue the point with Julie Chen....but she was having none of that. Evel Dick's Pots & Pans morning marching band Evel Dick running around hiding Jenious' clothes after she was in the SR destroying cartons of cigarettes Eric mimicing Evel Dick while he ate cereal and Eric getting soaked with milk Amber's modeling ambition montage and illiteracy of any words more than one syllable BB9 Chelsia easter egg tantrum Girls dropping like those breed of goats that fall down when they get spooked BB10 Michelle yelling at all the BB cameras, running room to room, then trying to hide from the cameras happy birthday to you...............*Crickets*........................Libra...."anybody wan' som' cake?" Midget Renny.........Dan as Renny......Jerry in pool....Michelle's dialect lessons..... way too-too much to list ..just the most entertaining season ever... when they fight or when they play......simply the best
  9. LOL!!!!!!!!!! thanks Marty .......Ha Ha."Swine Saver" Will Kirby
  10. whomever gets the win I hope it is at least 5 to 2. If the vote is 4 to 3 .... ...OH God........there will be some big swollen heads on that jury.. ........"I was the deciding vote!" ... "NO! I was the deciding VOTE!!".... .... and the biggest bragging ego will be Jerry's.... ......Marching around the backyard after the show grabbing anyone that will listen to him .."I told THEM!!! HAHAHA" ..."I, and I ALONE! controlled the jury".
  11. I agree LenRay.....I think Dan really likes Memphis but business endeavors...eh I'm sure he has his personal ideas and certainly Monica will be the strongest consultant there and they will be cautious with investment. As will Ashley with Memphis. I bet the next stop will be Michighan not Nevada for Dan. Dan knows how to connect and engage with people to make them feel comfortable. He said himself said he usually doesn't act-up this child like... this was to put people at ease and to seem non threatening, entertaining, and likable....and now at the end, he really likes Memphis more than others and is being an enjoyable roommate for Memphis. Not making waves...no need to, and not flat out opposing to Memphis flinging outloud questionable business and travel ideas that Dan probably wants no part of. So Dan's Letting Memphis have a parade, he'll even march in it, he's just not going to poo-poo on it yet while he still has to live with him.
  12. Now that I think about it maybe they only get movies.......to keep Texan jurors from panicing over hurricane news as in this case. I was just wondering what the hell do they do to pass the time alone, I could do it easy with TV or books.
  13. seriously??? The jury is sequestered each seperate in their own hotel room until Tuesday? can they watch TV and if so won't they see BB commercials which could be bias?
  14. I disagree a little with the "America's Choice" options confined to Jury members only, it should be called "America's 3rd place Choice". Titled as "America's Choice" implies if America could choose the winner, their favorite, most deserving, ect. Yet excludes the final 2 players. So what the final 2 are certain of getting a prize, maybe America wants to give them more. I liked Renny & Keesha equally but Keesha is getting all my votes, Renny was more entertaining, but game play Keesha was much more pro-active for her alliance and made monumental moves. She deserves 3rd Place Winnings. Renny owns her own business and has traveled the world, Kessha just wants to get to Ohio and see her family and fix her pretty smile. If it included final 2 as options...... Dan worked for and would deserve $545,000 ($500K win, $20K AP, $25K AC)...that would be my choice. Wow, think about past seasons, if you could go back and choose from Jury & final 2, for $25K America's Choice, who would have had your vote? I just hope it's not Jerry I'm afraid the same IDIOTS that gave him the "Call from home" will give him this too.
  15. DITTO..DITTO...DITTO ...on the Dan choo choo train, I've been on here so long I became a conductor!! ....Just wondering why we boarded the train, and not the "Danwagon"?
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