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  1. 1realitymom

    America's Choice - Jeff Wins $25,000

    As he should have! Congrats Jeff --now buy Jordan a pretty ring & put a nice down payment on a home for the 2 of you to start your family in (or, ya know, whatever else you may want lol)
  2. Fantastic finale!! I was on pins & needles until Rachel won the final HoH--then I was STOKED, as I knew she should win. Loved the chitter chatter of the jury--I'd forgotten how much Kalia likes the sound of her own voice. Loved that Jeff called her on her 'bully' BS when he accurately pointed out it was her, not him, yelling & not allowing the other to speak. Jeff explaining that he & Dani had returned their friendship bracelets cracked me up!! LMAO As for Dani, she's in for a rude awakening once she returns to the real world. WTH is with her constant 'I smell something nasty' face?? She came off bitchy and childish--pretty accurate portrayal of who she really is. Jeff winning AFHG again, LOVE it & especially loved how genuinely surprised he was Adam voting for Porsche?? He let the wrong head vote--Fara may want an explanation on that one... ;-) GREAT ending--even if it did give Porsche $50 g's---ick. *shrugs* Oh well, can't have it all...
  3. 1realitymom

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    HELLS YEAH!!!!!! Congratulations Rachel Haven't been this excited about the winner of BB since Jordan won her season! AWESOME!! As for Dani--Pot Meet Kettle at this Bitter 'party of 1'
  4. HELLS YEAH!!!!!! Congratulations Rachel
  5. 1realitymom

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    Ugh---I was afraid that was how it would work...per usual the F3. Was hoping maybe BB was 'twisting' it up this time around. LOL Ah well, WTG Rachel!! PLEASE let the final comp be an endurance--PLEASE!!!!!!
  6. 1realitymom

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    WOOOHOOO!! Go Rachel!! She won part 1, which means she's guaranteed F2--right? I thought that was what Julie said before the comp started--maybe I'm crazy...(not the 1st time I've heard that!) LOL The 'endurance' comps have been a JOKE this season--they should have learned this by now--these noobies can't hang in physical comps.
  7. I agree Shelly went out with class. She fooled me as easily as she did Jordan, so I have to give her that. I just don't care for her, as I don't know which Shelly to like. Glad she's gone, didn't make it to F2 & hope to never hear from her again once she reunites with her true alliance--Tony & Josie.
  8. 1realitymom

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    I've liked Adam from the beginning--my only annoyance was his growl they kept showing clips of. My disappointment with him in this game was his treatment of R/J after Jeff was evicted. But, he recognized & apologized for his behavior(I believe him sincere) so, slate went clean in that area. =) I've loved Jeff from week 2 of his season, when his 'alliance' outed him because he refused to disrespect the hg's from the 'other' side of the house. The fact that he's a sexy beast just adds to my adoration of him. Back to Adam, he may not be as good looking outwardly as Jeff, but he is as good looking inwardly & for me, that's what really matters. Would love to see Adam win, if not J or R. He's a really nice guy & I was so happy for him when he was able to meet Tori. Rachel gained a permanent notch of my BB heart when she opened PB, knowing it would bring Tori in the house & how happy it would make Adam. R/J/A would be the best F3 in the history of BB for me
  9. 1realitymom

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    ^^That is why Porsche needs to go this week--she is Rachel's biggest competitor in comps AND she is aligned with Adam & Kalia. P has got to go, cause I do believe that Adam will keep P over R in a heartbeat.
  10. 1realitymom

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    So happy he got to meet Tori Spelling
  11. 1realitymom

    Jordan - Week 9

    Considering Porsche's been trash talking Rachel for the past 3 weeks AND abandoned their alliance, I think it's fair to asses that Jordan grabbed Rachel clothes out of friendship. Porsche grabbed Rachel clothes out of an attempt to keep her ass in the game. Rachel wins either way--she got clothes
  12. 1realitymom

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    WOOOHOOOO!!! Congrats on WINNING HoH!! As for last weeks PoV--really, is it Rachel's fault no one else could hang on to their dummy longer than her?? You should know by now, NO ONE gets between Rachel & her dummy man
  13. 1realitymom

    Live Episode 9/1

    Unless Rachel twisted an ankle or said 'Screw it' & sat in the goo refusing to move, I don't see how she didn't win it. None of them seemed to be moving all that quickly--I've seen emaciated Survivor competitors move faster than those 5! I know the goo was hard to move in, but good grief. =/ Side note--Buh Bye Shameful!!! =)
  14. Kudos to Rachel for outlasting everyone in the PoV!! Had to be one of the shortest 'endurance' PoV's ever--less than 45 minutes! Wow. I think Rachel could have lasted much longer--lucky for her, she had no competition. Was really surprised that Porsche went out as quickly as she did. I really thought she'd be Rachel's biggest competitor in the comp. Anyway--great job Rachel!! =)