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  1. babydoll2008

    Ronnie Radio Interview

    Awesome interview with Ronnie and last week's with Casey was excellent. I heard in Ronnie's interview that it was mentioned that you all would like to get one with Lydia. Has anyone here tried contacting her through her Twitter page or Facebook? She is usually very prompt in her replies and she probably would be very willing to do an interview. She seems like she has been with other outlets. Just a suggestion. Thanks again for keeping these great Radio Interviews with the BB 11 folks coming.
  2. babydoll2008

    Pre-Season BB11 rumors

    I think for the Media Day HOH keys they were a mix of re-used keys from past seasons. One said BB 10 on it, one was red with a star (the kind they had in All-Stars, I think...) The Jessica one was probably from BB 8. JMO...
  3. babydoll2008

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    I absolutely love the HOH room. It's the prettiest room in the house. The Pool room is very interesting and unique, if not a bit creepy. I wonder if anyone might try to sleep/slide down the slide when slightly intoxicated. LOL! I think all the Orange in the Dining Room/Kitchen is a bit of an eyesore. Also, the living room and the no-doors bedroom are nice. It's a mix of pretty in parts and gaudy in places. Nice, nonetheless...
  4. babydoll2008

    Morty's Marvels on Fantasysurvivor.net

    Hey all, I wanted to re-join the tribe over on Fantasy Survivor, but I don't have the password, can someone PM in to me if possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. I recently won and bid on a shirt from Natalie BB9 on ebay and it arrived today, and I was just wondering if anyone might happen to have a screencap of her wearing the shirt on the show in the house from the Live Feeds. If possible, would there be any way to post it. Thanks in advance for anyone's help. It was her red cherry tank top shirt. Thanks again!
  6. babydoll2008

    Thanks To Everyone Here At Morty's!

    I know that I am not much of a regular poster here at Morty's but I just wanted to take time out to post a thank you to everyone here involved in making Big Brother what it is. From the Live Feed Updaters to everyone else in between that takes and gives their hard work, time, and efforts into making BB into the watching and viewing experience that it is, THANK YOU! I loved reading all your updates throughout the BB 10 season and look forward to the next go around! You all give of yourselves, and it is truly and greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  7. Thanks, uvp, found it!
  8. Can someone lead me in the direction of Buxom's BB challenge. I want to play and missed out on it last season. Thanks in advance!
  9. babydoll2008

    Big Brother 10 Countdown

    An HOH Competition?
  10. babydoll2008

    Episode 8 ~ "lost Puppy Dog"

    Thanks, Scuba. I just thought there'd be a mention of it somewhere and maybe a Wednesday episode like last week.
  11. Does anyone know if any of the Voted Off players from this season have been on CBS' The Early Show on Friday mornings? If so, does anyone know if any of the interviews have been put on YouTube. Was just curious...? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  12. babydoll2008

    Episode 8 ~ "lost Puppy Dog"

    It seems Survivor is not on this week. Did I miss something? Does anyone know when the next episode will air. I didn't hear any disclaimers stating that it would be returning in 2 weeks or anything like that, but it does look to be not on tomorrow. What's the deal with that?
  13. babydoll2008

    Evel Dick & Daniele Return 2 Big Brother Wednesday!

    Does anyone have a video of the Commercial? I'd like to see that. I, personally, hope Dick comes back to host a competition with or without Daniele. After all, he was the winner and Jessica and Eric made a return. (blah!) I hope he might talk about it on House Calls today!
  14. babydoll2008

    Who Are You Voting Back?

    Parker all the way!!!!
  15. babydoll2008

    Big Brother Rumors

    Ok, thanks eric. I hope to find out soon, and keep my eyes and ears opened, as I want to attend any one that's scheduled to be in NY.