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  1. djb

    Are Jessica's Feelings Sincere

    Feelings in the BB house and feelings in the real world are two different things. Diane and Drew thought they had feelings for each other too. Whoops.
  2. djb

    Definition Please...

    A good person does good things. Michael Vick is a good football player, so he's a good person. OJ Simpson is good at staying out of jail, so he's a good person. Amber is good at crying, so she must be a good person too.
  3. More interesting to me than the reaction of Eric when he gets his assignment or Jessica when she gets voted out will be the the aftermath between Eric and D/D.
  4. djb

    Monday, September 3rd

    Always gets more boring as the numbers dwindle.
  5. I started off liking Dick and hating Jen, then Jen started to wear thin on me, and now I like Eric, Dick and Jessica.
  6. djb

    Jen Week - 7 Evicted

    I kept thinking Jen was holding back, that she was all the sudden going to come out with some straight-from-left-field chilltown strategy and gameplay, that she was indeed smarter than she was letting on the whole time, but it never came. I was a Jen fan for most of her time in the house (excluding her first week or two and her last week), but she really ended up disappointing me in the end.
  7. djb

    Jen Week - 7 Evicted

    I kept thinking she had to be holding back; she had to be smarter than she was letting on... after all, she was chill-town.extended, in Boogie
  8. :animated_rotfl: :animated_rotfl: :animated_rotfl: Out of context, some of their comments are hilarious "Hi my name is Mike, i'm 36 years old, and i'm going to see my friend Dr. Will Kirby about a bump that I found on my penis" "The interesting thing about this one is that it opens to the parking, so it kind of has a freestanding feel..." :animated_rotfl: later... Boogie: "Whoa! That's incredible!" Will: "That's about a thousand times bigger than it normally would be..." LOL Will: "I'm gonna give you a little pinch, and that's all your going to feel today." Boogie: "Alright" Will: "I'm pretty good at what I do, huh?" Boogie: "Perfect!"
  9. Will won once and should have won twice, in my opinion, but still came damn close the second time. Will navigated and manipulated two houses full of strong players. Jen is a virtual non-factor in a house chock-full of them. They're not even comparable, if you ask me.
  10. djb

    Just Not Fair!!!---update (finally Fair)

    If that were true, it would indeed be very funny.
  11. djb

    Tuesday, August 21th

    Zach usually drank for her, and when she did drink, they filled her cups with water.
  12. djb

    Just Not Fair!!!---update (finally Fair)

    Again this begs the question: is she stupid? The old adage "if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned" applies admirably here. She had done such a faultless job of remaining impassive and not letting Dick's actions elicit a response from her (which was supremely frustrating to him) that it was just dumb to lose it last night and go off on him like that.