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    General irks/annoying things

    LOL....intelligent people trying to psycho analyze dysfunctional BB Hgs is much more entertaining than the actual show! Anyone who can get "into the mind" of GM, Spencer or Andy....I say kudos!! Not a place I would ever think of going and IMO these HGs are mindless ppl. because there's no "there, there". What annoys me is the posters who believe, like McCrae, they are such great "gamers" and refuse to see BB for what it is....a summer reality show, put on when there's nothing else to watch....obviously a money maker based on all those BB fans...but, they refuse to understand that it's as fun and entertaining to read and watch them as it is to watch the HGs:)
  2. Probably lots of ppl. like me out there......cut my feeds because it watching this group was worse than the boredom which takes over this time of year when NOTHING worth watching is on TV.....why do they schedule this show at this time? Because in a few weeks, when the good shows come back, NO ONE but BB diehards would bother to tune in. If Andy wins, well actually when any of the 3 left win, BB will have hit another low point. PS.....don't confuse posters with followers.....first time I bothered to watch my DVR recordings and have some time to kill.
  3. Every time I hear anyone talk about him like he is a real BB gamer, I want to gag. Watching BB on your mamma'a couch does not make you a gamer......I don't care what he did B4 he got there, he gave up on the game the first week when Amanda offered him her p****. Grossed me out every time he/they appeared on camera....coulda, shoulda, woulda.....his "followers" must be bigger losers than him.
  4. Worst thing for McCrae............he sent Elissa after Amanda.......they'll be sitting by the JH pool every day and El will be going on & on about how she has everything she ever wanted, due to the fact that she married an older man who supports her and is macho enough to defend her.......Amanda will discard him like a broken toy, unless he wins BB........then, I give her 6 months to control the money and dump him.
  5. Well, obviously PRODUCTION is sitting this one out because other than frat boys who will care what happens after this? Who would be watching these 4 stinky boys "fight it out"?.... of course the "dumb & dumber" fans might tune in for kicks. I'm thinking Dr. Will, Dan, Jordan and many of the other BB winners are cringing knowing they will always be tied to any one of these losers as a group off "BB winners".