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    in my own little world
  1. Ronnie please talk to the cameras and tell us what you are thinking.
  2. NashandNoahfan

    Week 1 - Favorite and Non-favorite.

    like lydia dislike jesse, russell, and chima
  3. NashandNoahfan

    Who has/ will have Live Feeds?

    does reading the feeds on morty's count? morty's is where i get all my latest bb info. thank you to all posters that have live feeds.
  4. NashandNoahfan

    My Sister Keeper

    i totally agree. i decided to skip theaters today and just watch the first crank movie on my laptop instead. I saw the second crank in theaters so I decided to finally watch the first one.
  5. NashandNoahfan

    My Sister Keeper

    yes i have heard they changed the ending
  6. NashandNoahfan

    My Sister Keeper

    I have read jodi picoult book and worry that changing the dramatic ending would be just wrong. I am debating on going to spend my money to see it tomorrow. I have seen the notebook which is the same producer and hated that movie. Just want to see what all of you guys think.
  7. NashandNoahfan

    Do You Want Another Winter Edition Of Big Brother?

    yes and yes. I am just addicted 2 bb.
  8. NashandNoahfan

    Who Is The Mole?

  9. NashandNoahfan

    Who Is The Mole?

    mole - mark (just wanted to do the opposite of rosebudmom since she is set on craig) winner - nicole I was hoping Paul was going to win.
  10. Fav.: Angie, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha Least: Libra, Jessie, and Michelle
  11. NashandNoahfan

    Week 2- Who Is Your Favorite And Least Favorite?

    Favorite: Angie Least: April
  12. Your avatar is AWESOME!

  13. NashandNoahfan

    Guinea Pigs??

    lol wicked you always make me laugh
  14. NashandNoahfan

    Best Survivor Ever

    favorite season: this one is pretty good favorite players: rupert and ozzy
  15. NashandNoahfan

    Who Has Myspace And Blogs?

    I was just wondering BB 8 Evil Dick - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...friendid=150167 My is http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=72441245. Just make sure to pm me before you ask to add me, because if I do not know who it is I deny the request.