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  1. My local cbs is pushing my show to 2:37 a.m. Friday morning! Is there anywhere I can see it on time? Even CBS all access streams from my local station, what good is that?
  2. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has both as to whether there is any difference other than the obvious of watching it on TV versus your computer screen.
  3. Hmm.. sort of reminds me of another hot head... Cappy
  4. uvp giving you a 5 star. if you lose it dont blame me

  5. All singing the carpet muncher song again. Howie is talking about how they can't show half a boobie but they can show someone getting their head cut off Says "America grow up!!" (These HGs are really putting a lot of time and effort into these shirts. I hope someone gets screen shots of them.) Sarah and James still in the gym. HGs outside discussing requirements for teaching and finishing up shirts.
  6. Janelle is doing Howie's shirt, they are trying to think up a catchy phrase: Send Ashlea back, she has a rack Give Michael a chance, give Jannie a chance at romanse and others. James and Sarah are up and in the gym. They are all discussing that America did not get to know Michael which is not fair. THey think we will vote Eric or Kaysar back to help get rid of James!! I am not able to transcribe but will try to give you what they are talking about and doing.
  7. James and Sarah still in the GR Rest fo the HG outside working on shirts or just talking. Howie is back on wanting a boobie!! April and Howie have not started their shirts yet and I don't know who Beau is rooting for.
  8. Howie tried to talk to James and Sarah. THey told him that he did not want to see their shirts. He started to apologize again if he did find out that he was wrong "after seeing the tapes" and SArah rudely told him that she did not want to go over it all again. THey knew how he thought and he knew how they thoght so Howie left and Sarah apologized to James and he told her that she had a right to how she felt.
  9. James and Sarah have gone back to bed. Janelle is decorating two shirts, one for Kaysar and one for Michael. Ivette is doing up the symbolf or firefighters on her shirt for Eric. Beau has cut his shirt short and is doing something to the bottom. Rachel is decorating her shirt for Kaysar. Maggie is obviously doing her shirt for Eric, just starting on it. Jennifer has not started yet and neither has Howie or April. April has talked to Howie to let him know that she was not stressed about being up on the block because she did not trust the HGs but because she is in nicotine withdrawal, on PB&J and PMSing all at the same time. She is admitting that she has been a smoker for 8 years and in the DR she has been talked to by others who have quit smoking cold turkey and it will take about 2 weeks to get it out of her system.
  10. 6:34 BBT All 11 houseguests are sititng around the table eating dinner together. They are all talking and geting along.
  11. It's gong to be a long night, just about everyone is napping and nothing of any consequence is going on. We have been watching Howie give Janelle a back rub and now she is giving him one.
  12. The crapettes are laying on the floor in the HOH room, hehe!! Can't hear what they are talking about. April, Jenny, Ivette and Beau. Ahh, April is holding court.
  13. Kayser is telling James, Sarah and Janelle if they can convince Maggie to put up one of hers as a pawn, they will have the 5 votes to keep Kayser but they wil lhave to convince Maggie that they will vote to evict Kayser.
  14. More of the same. Beau and Ivette playing coasters now. Now Maggie, Beau, Ivette, and April outside smoking. Beau outside doing towels. April has a headache.K-team talking in the living room, but cannot hear them over the others outside. Changed feeds and I guess the K-team is not talking, just silentle laying around on the couches and chairs in the living room. Actually, they are talking but there is no sound coming from them!!! They are now discussing the HOH comp. They are very distressed. Discussing why the other team is being so friendly after Maggis got HOH.
  15. Maggie and Kaysar are also in the living room, sititng in the nomination chairs. Everyone is siting around doing not much of anything (just my speed). Both groups seem to be able to co-exist without huge amounts of animosity getting in the way. Kaysar is talking about his meat that he got (and my feeds timed out).
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