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  1. Paulie was holding Z's hand throughout that cozy interaction. Seems they both agreed t be o the DL bout there attraction for one another
  2. The AD crew would be stooped to keep Shelli in the house, she is close to everyone and could def rally them together, Vanessa would def go after Bec & JMac but don't see Jackie flipping
  3. Oh damn, looks like the HOH comp tonite will be endurance
  4. Shelli hasn't clued Clay in? whose voting for Clay to stay but Meg & Jackie?
  5. Oh snap, is Clay campaigning to stay? Looks like Vanessa is using that to drive a wedge between Slay!
  6. The AustinTwins would be FOOLS to keep Shelli, she is a better game player and she is mad, wake up James
  7. LOL the minority is telling Slay y they r up and they ain't. getting it, Meg Jackie got me dying
  8. Slay rshitting bricks, They retrying to sell Meg, who is snowing them. Clay said to Meg "we(Slay) have always been alone in this game" and Meg busted out LOL and Shellie asked what's s funny, Meg recovered nicely!
  9. Well damn Becky seemed genuinely shocked and passed while talking to the minority, she is good Jackie didn't buy what Vanessa was selling she is passed. Meg, Jackie, and James are beginning to realize they been played, specially by Shlay
  10. Did Becky know before the veto ceremony?
  11. Vanessa told James that the majority of the house knew bout putting up Jason, he just told Meg, who will tell Jason, so hopefully they will catch a clue bout Shlay LOL
  12. Poor Jason, he thinks he has Shlay's votes