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  1. Heather spoke to Allison for a while, she told Allison that Sarah is going up as replacement and Sarah is going home. She also told Allison that Arlie was the swing vote and so her side of the house has the numbers to keep her safe. Heather wants to work with Allison. It does seem like Allison is being sincere and was really shocked to know about Arlie/Heather working together. Sabrina/Kenny/Sarah/Rachelle were talking in the have not room, they seem to believe that they have the numbers to keep Sarah/Sabrina safe - Earlier Heather spoke to Sarah and told her that it was between Sabrina/Sarah as replacement, then Sabrina spoke to Heather and Heather said to Sab that she was not telling the house who she would nominate as replacement, she repeated the same thing to Rachelle right after Sabrina left HOH. So when Sab/Kenny/Sarah/Rachelle were talking in the have not room, they were sharing info from convo with Heather but they are convinced that they have the numbers to keep Sab or Sarah and vote out Allison. Kenny was saying that he feels good about being safe and being able to be open with everyone about gunning for Jon. Alot of scheming was happening today when feeds came back after the veto comp. So as of right now, they were all heading to bed slowly and the plan is that Sarah is going up and the alliance of Jon/Neda/Adel/Arlie/ are voting her out and bringing Allison to their side - basically Jon/Neda/Adel/Arlie/Heather and Allison against Sabrina/Rachelle and Kenny assuming that Sarah leaves. (hidden Veto is still out there, isnt there?).
  2. 718pm - Sabrina telling Rachelle that Ika fully threatened her, she says she has no reason why to lie if she knows that Ika is going home tomorrow so it doesnt make sense to her, she is very upset. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she just wants have dinner and hide in the room until Ika is evicted. she says she was annoyed that Ika pushed her so she went outside where Ika and Adel was, she says Ika told her "is there a reason why you're here" and Sabrina said "is there a reason why you pushed me in the stairs" ( I watched the feeds and this is not how it happened, Sabrina fully provoked Ika by going outside)
  3. Did you want her to jump of joy for losing the one HOH she had to win? Obviusly it is upsetting......damn, give the girl a break
  4. Rachel really turned it around, she is so cool!!
  5. WOW!! Never seen Jordan that upset, but she is so right though, Shelly is such a B!! I am so glad she is gone!!
  6. latincanadian

    Daniele - Week 7 - Replacement Nominee

    This girl is so vicious! geez, the things she says sometimes....i am watching the feeds now and the things she says about Rachel, like, damn girl....
  7. latincanadian

    Rachel - Week 7

    I love Rachel! She is just misunderstood, Shelly however is really evil and malicious! Kalia/Porsche/Daniele/Shelly are all so evil and talk about Rachel but Rachel really has kept calmed, she is just passionate about winning but definitely misunderstood
  8. latincanadian

    Shelly - Week 6 - Nominee

    Shelly believes her own lies! I cant believe that in her DR sessions she even believes it!!