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  1. iriegirl1966

    Thursday "Live" Show 8/13 (Show being taped not Live)

    I've been thinking this all week...double eviction!!! Jeff uses the CDT and puts Jessie and Natalie on the block taking Lydia and Russell off and WHAM!!! Double Eviction! SWEET!!!!
  2. iriegirl1966

    Coup d'Etat - Part 2

    I think that the freak out both of them would be doing would warrant the producers to give us an update on them in the SH...I'm sorry...but I think that would be priceless!!!
  3. iriegirl1966

    Coup d'Etat - Part 2

    Here's a thought... Jeff uses the CDT to replace Russell and Lydia or whoever up if Kevin's veto is used with Jesse and Natalie...then double eviction!!! How cool would that be?
  4. iriegirl1966

    8/8 - Live Feed Updates

    3:50 BBT Russ out of bed in the SR and messing with the cameras. Picks up a couple of melons and holds them up to his privates and mugs for the cameras. He then adds a banana to the melons and mugs again for the cameras. Russ out of the SR and in KT cutting up melon to eat... exciting stuff... everyone else napping...Kevin may still be in the DR and Chima still attempting to fix that mug of hers too probably.
  5. iriegirl1966

    Friday, August 7th

    I was watching both BBAD and the feeds...when was this said? I didn't catch it! Anyone have a flashback time?
  6. iriegirl1966

    Coup d'Etat - Part 2

    Bunch of random thoughts here...tell me what you think.... Jeff did promise America last night that he was "going to use it to shake up this house"....he also has said that both Gnat and Pinhead need to go and has said that more and more since he got handed the power Wednesday afternoon. He is also trying to stir up stuff with the way he was talking last night. He hasn't been this brazen except with "the loser crew" in the BY. I'd say it's a 95% chance he will use it. Now...I think the perfect scenario would be: Chima as HOH nominates Lydia and Michelle, like Gnat and Jessie are pushing for, with the thought of BD'ing Russell. This leaves Chima, Lydia and Michelle (she has won twice) definitely playing for POV, and the possibility of Jeff, Jordon, Kevin playing for it as well, which I will admit is best case scenario. Chima, Lydia and Michelle won't pick Russell as HG choice because they are all pissy at him for him being him (stupid play, but whatever) and I don't think he would take any of them off, but this would also make him safe from coup d'etat. During the entire week, Jeff slowly brings Michelle and Kevin around to the fact that whomever has the "wizard power" should use it to get Jessie out to the SH because like Jeff said, "if he stays, he's gonna win" because of his "girls" (Chima, Gnatalie, Lydiot) are doing his dirty work. But with Lydia he needs to be careful with as well as Russell and he should leave them both in the dark if he has too. Now Jeff has put it in their heads that Jesse should go so when he changes the nominations to Jesse and Gnatalie, Michelle and Kevin are already is thinking "yeah...Jessie" and Jordan is already on the Jeff bandwagon so that's the tie vote and Jeff being the deciding one. This keeps Jordan, Michelle, Kevin with clean hands as they weren't the ones that put up Jesse and Gnatalie. If Jeff can only get Russell in a conversation to go over the "what ifs" (is anyone other than me surprised that Russell hasn't spoken with Jeff about game play for about 2 days now? His game is falling apart because he is a manipulator being manipulated.) and Russell figures out Jeff is the wizard and goes with him (yes...he is jumping ship again, but this is a numbers game and each week is a new game so to speak, is it not?) Russell playing for POV and winning just gives him safety as well. Russell being safe is better than Jesse or Gnatalie because it has been proven that he is way too paranoid and easily manipulated because of that and at this point he already owes Jeff for his flipping sides on him so Jeff should be relatively safe from Russell's wrath. End of ramble...actually I could have gone on a while but I'll spare y'all the rest of my "wheels turning" lol
  7. iriegirl1966


    Curious...how is it that Gnat is getting away with telling everyone she is 18? The casting application clearly states "Contestants must be 21"... Even Danielle from BB8 said she was almost 21 and that's the reason BB made the decision to let her enter the house...she was close to it...and if memory serves me correctly...a few people attempted to call her out on this. Really wondering what is going through the minds of these HGs...
  8. iriegirl1966


    What age discrepancy? Can someone point me in the direction of the thread that discusses this? Cause...I is lost on that one...
  9. iriegirl1966


    Can someone explain why Jessie and Gnat are allowed to sleep in other rooms besides the Doom Room? I thought that was part of being a "Have Not" for the week. Gnat and Jessie throw hissy fits over some grapes that Kevin ate and he gets punished so why aren't they getting punished? Can someone explain that to me?
  10. 6:13 BBT Both HGs still sleeping
  11. iriegirl1966

    September 11 & 12, Live Feed Thread

    BBT 4:03 Dick in the RR complaining as only he can into the camera that "they" need to tell him (assuming Zach) what happened and strip that POV. You have 50 Million cameras and if something comes you replay them and see what happened...not 5 days later...that's weak All four feeds on Zach since Dick went off on the cameras. Zach putting away dishes and he is now in the SBR looking or putting away something, now he is sitting on the bed
  12. 11:26 BBT All HGs sleeping
  13. 1:11 BBT Jameka up and doing ADLs Dani spoke to her briefly...not sure what was said. Dani is now up too doing ADLs
  14. iriegirl1966

    September 8, Live Feed Thread

    8:10 BBT Feeds switch to ED and he say "don't say that word" and we get a short Trivia...
  15. iriegirl1966

    September 8, Live Feed Thread

    6:57 BBT ED is up and in the kitchen getting something to drink and looks like he is killing ants.