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  1. 7:47pm bbt Alex and Jason only 2 left. Alex yells "I want safety and a jury vote" ... Matt points out its just them just and one of them needs to end it. Alex wants something and Jason will not let up. Matt says come on guys this is shady, jump off and lets go inside for pizza... I know I got 2 votes then accused Jason of pointing at Alex. Alex keeps saying she'll jump off but she wants something. Matt keeps encouraging them to jump. Both keep saying they want hoh. 7:52pm bbt Jason almost slipped off. Alex is begging Jason for safety and a jury vote... Jason says ok safety and a jury vote... Alex still holding on and asking bb to put it down so she can jump then says Jason i want to be picked for veto and Jason says cool... Matt still confused why they are renegotiating... 7:54pm bbt Alex jumps... Jason wins hoh
  2. 7:43pm bbt Alex starts bumping her butt against the bun and Paul yells "who's fucking inside their bun" everyone laughs. 7:45pm bbt both Alex and Paul asking America why they have Jessica the hex. Paul says "and she went home the next week". Raven yells "what do you guys wasn't?" Paul yells "sex!" Raven again... "Come on guys, i want a letter from my mother " 7:47pm bbt PAUL AND RAVEN FALL OFF
  3. 7:40pm bbt Raven says "come on guys you know who I want out" Paul says who she says "None of us you know I want a letter from my mom, I may not here from her till October" ... no one replies
  4. 7:34pm bbt they have the wieners almost face down. About a minute later they bring them up a little. Christmas states "This is like the friendliest hoh ever.
  5. 7:28pm bbt Alex, Jason, Paul and Raven still weiners. Paul says he's already lost 500 grand so he asks Alex "So are you hooker? Alex replied "Was I or am I?" 7:20pm bbt we get foth 7:31pm bbt feeds back and HG get sprayed with water.
  6. 7:23pm bbt Matt, Kevin and Christmas on the bench while the rest of HG making weiner jokes. Paul starts bouncing and singing oompa loompa which trigers Alex to yell at Paul to knock it off because he's bouncing EVERYONE.
  7. 8:27pm bbt -Paul yells as thge wall moves forward and the water sprays "Gravity is not your friend in space or the Big Brother house!" 8:28pm bbt - Alex asks Jason what's the deal and Jason says "You all fall off and I'm the HoH" ... Elaina tells cowboy if he jumps off she won't put him up, jason says swear and elaina says i swear and at 8:30pm bbt Jason jumps off. Alex swears to elaina she's safe and at 8:32pm bbt elaina jumps. ALEX IS THE NEW HOH.
  8. 8:21pm bbt - Jason, Alex and Elaina are last 3 standing. Jason says he's alright Alex says pray for the Asian Elaina says she's a brickhouse 8:23pm bbt we FOTH puppies
  9. 8:19pm bbt - Dominic falls right after Jessica (see pic on last post)
  10. 8:13pm bbt - Paul asks dominic if she's ever seen the walking dead. Alex says "you gonna tell her she looks like the samari girl?" Paul says "yes"
  11. 8:00pm bbt - Paul yells "Jason this is just a little different than a bull huh?" Jason smiles and nods. 8:02pm bbt - cats
  12. 7:58pm bbt - The water spray hits and Alex screams the first 20 seconds.
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