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  1. MommaSpaz

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    I called to cancel, they offered me the free month, I said no, and to cancel it, and 6 months later, I had a charge for $50 some bux on my CC from them!!!! I will not get live feeds anymore until realplayer is no longer involved!
  2. I always lurk.... although I do believe I always post once a year in the lurker thread
  3. MommaSpaz

    Pre-Season BB11 rumors

    Did anyone else notice the name: Jessica on one of the keys during the nomination ceremony?
  4. MommaSpaz

    Theories for BB11

    Then they should sequester them now darned it!
  5. MommaSpaz

    Lurkers Come On Out...BB is about to Begin

    I have been a member since 2005, and I post when I feel the need to Usually, I have popped in to check out what is going on during the day while I was at work, but now that I am off work permenantly, you might just see a whole lot more of me..... (if you can handle it!) Just remember, I joke alot, and don't take alot of what I say personally, because I have a warped quirky sense of humor....
  6. MommaSpaz

    July 15 & 16, Picture Thread

    The winners of the competition they held today Dick and his broom
  7. MommaSpaz

    Dustin Week 1

    I would only take McDreamy.... Although, I do have a really hot dr I have named Dr McYummy......
  8. MommaSpaz

    Our Own Bb Bios

    Favorites Films: Ladder 49, Harry Potter (Any), Princess Bride, Clueless, Legally Blonde, Smoky and the Bandit, Little Mermaid, Girl Interrupted TV Shows: Big Brother, ER, Grey's, House, On the Lot, Deal or No Deal Actors: Patrick Dempsey Actresses: Angelina Jolie Hobbies: Reading, Cross stitch, web design Sports to Play: I am a spectator Sports Teams: Edmonton Oilers Outdoor Activities: Tag, Walking, Hiking, Playing at the park Bands/Musicians: Creed, 3 Doors Down, Snow Patrol, Nirvana, Green Day Songs/CDs: Too many to mention Foods: Ukranian, salads, Chinese Cereals: Cheerios Cookies: Chocolate Chip Candy Bars: Reese Peanut Butter Cups Alcoholic Drinks: Pinapple Vodka Coolers Non-Alcoholic: Pepsi, Propel, Juice, TIMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. MommaSpaz

    Dustin Week 1

    I knew he was gay because he listed one of his favorite actors as Patrick Dempsey........ I would McDreamy anyday.....
  10. MommaSpaz

    So The Blacks Only Get One Person

    By saying that the black person is going to be the only one, and feeling alone, signifies that the person is racist against white people. I would say that is kind of stupid and judgemental. WHO CARES what the color of your skin is.... does it really make you different than everyone else???? Really... cmon! We all have things that set us apart from the others.... Maybe I am more tolerant because I live in Canada, but UVP you are really making YOURSELF seem rather racist towards white people with your ignorant comments.
  11. Ya... he ended up in the hospital the day after due to tonsilitis.... they wanted to admit him, he wouldn't let them, so then he had to go in every 6 hours for IV antibiotics!!!!
  12. He thought I was nuts, but he was ok with it, since he was sick
  13. MommaSpaz

    Big Brother 8

    No, they could infiltrate the whole house.... they can pit everyone against eachother, and change the whole dynamic of the house.
  14. 2 years ago, I made sure that I left my own wedding reception early so I could watch BB in the hotel!!!! I always check morty's here at work, and will be glued to the feed updates... now at my new job, I might even be able to wach live feeds as I work!!! (very lax internet policy, and as long as the work gets done, that is all they care about)
  15. MommaSpaz

    Big Brother 8

    BB THE MOLE! I think they should have a normal cast with one person being the mole... put in the house to secretly sabotage the competitions, and if they make it to the final 4 (or some other point in the endings of the game) then they get a prize of $10,000 or something.... BUT if they reveal their plans, or let people in the house know, then they do not get the money... I think it would be cool!!!! Add a dimension for us viewers to laugh at when the other houseguests are clueless about what is going on right in front of them. (btw, I have been reading all the forums, since the countdown started, and forgot to log in! LOL)