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    Nastily disgusts me. Her "gameplay" is genuinely mean and dirty. Jeff came awfully close to playing a good honest game for a while there...after the HOH power trip he and Jordan went on though...he was a little too mean for my taste. Then he flipped the script at jumped on the Gnat bandwagon. That was the nail in the coffin.
  2. Just curious because I always get confused when BB starts...were the HGs already sequestered when Micheal Jackson died? I was also trying to think of other things that have gone on while they've been "out of the loop" Any other news worthy events anyone can think of? It fascinates me how they're completely cut off from actual "reality"
  3. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Ronnie goes home!

    A message from Ronnie's cat waiting for him at home. He's even got cheese for the rat.
  4. BettyFreakinCrocker

    America's Choice Phone Call

    I remember Shock well. He tried to bait me on many occasions. I fell for it plenty of times and finally when I would get ugly with him, I'D get in trouble! LOL.. I also recall a few others that were a challenge but I can't remember their screen names. Good times, Good times. I occasionally peruse Survivor Sucks..maybe I'll start paying more attention and see if I can tell which one he is..I wouldn't dare talk to him though!
  5. BettyFreakinCrocker

    America's Choice Phone Call

    OMG! Shockalot. I forgot all about him/it! Whatever happened? He was quite passionate. My first year here was S6 and there were so many fun people!
  6. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Is America Going To Vote For The Winner?

    America having a "voice" in this season has been my speculation since before the season began...when we saw the empty photo frame. I think I even wrote something about it on here. However, I don't TRUST America's "Vote" to be America's ACTUAL vote.
  7. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Group Name For The Annoying Girls

    I thought it fit well. That or the Litterbox Mafia, because they're so damn catty.
  8. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Group Name For The Annoying Girls

    House Hags? Busto Brigade?
  9. BettyFreakinCrocker

    America's Player Twist Returns

    Jessie might get jealous...
  10. BettyFreakinCrocker

    America's Player Twist Returns

    I called the AP twist before the season ever began. I knew it was too good to be true, to have a NORMAL season.
  11. BettyFreakinCrocker


    Each year I have a really hard time keeping up with all of the alliances. They switch back and forth, change, form and break up sometimes all before I've even had a chance to read the updates. I'm not lucky enough to have the live feeds (can you believe my boss won't let me get them at work?! GAH! SOME people..lol) so I depend alot on the awesome updaters here. Anyway, if there isn't already one for it I thought we could use this thread to keep up with the alliances as they change, form, break-up, become sub-alliances, etc... So far (please correct me if I'm wrong) Jessie, Memphis, Angie, Michelle Michelle, Jessie, Memphis Libra, Ollie, April Jerry?? Renny?? Keesha?? Dan?? Steven??
  12. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Favorite And Least Favorite Houseguest-week One

    Favorite: Jerry and most everyone else except.. Least Favorites: Renny, Brian and Jessie..They're basically the Sheila (S9), James (S6) and Nick (S8) of this season.
  13. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Possible Twists

    I liked all of the puzzles and secret rooms they did for S6...I wouldn't mind them doing that again. Wasn't that also the year they had the gold safes? Of course I didn't like the "partner" concept, they can do without that. It just seems like S6 always had a lot to do and stayed entertaining.
  14. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Possible Twists

  15. BettyFreakinCrocker

    Big Brother Rulebook

    The rules are..there are no rules. ...It's all about the ratings.