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    watching the BB11 live feeds, degrassi: tng, the-n, lost, horror movies, after dark horrorfest
  1. bb11addict

    7/8 - Live Feed Updates

    933 BBT - ENZO says that he wants to respect the decision of the HOH (which is HAYDEN). ENZO doesn't want to screw with the nominations this week. well i wish that i could stay up later, but i have work in the morning. have a good night everyone!
  2. bb11addict

    7/8 - Live Feed Updates

    923 BBT - LANE, ENZO, MATT, and RAGAN are talking about the Saboteur person. 925 BBT - they are talking about movies, LANE is trying to describe this movie with a rollercoaster with matt damon but, can't remember the name of the movie. RAGAN is trying to help figure out the movie. 927 BBT - ENZO is talking about super gluing his key in the slot so that no one can take the key out. 928 BBT - ENZO is asking why BRITNEY doesn't like to drink, if she is afraid of something. BB asks BRITNEY to please put on your mic as she walks outside. 929 BBT - getting RAGAN out talk comes back when RAGAN leaves. BRITNEY comes back in the kitchen. LANE talks about getting BRITNEY in trouble with her fiance. (LANE wants to bang BRITNEY). BRITNEY joins the conversation with the guys. they're talking about who it could be. They're talking about BRENDON being in the diary room for two hours. Talk moves to Monet.
  3. bb11addict

    7/8 - Live Feed Updates

    915 BBT - Annie & Kathy talking about how disgusting Enzo is. Apparently Enzo stuck his hand up Annie's dress or something. 919 BBT - Annie & Kathy talking about Andrew and how he flirts with the girls. Rachael says, "that's flirting". Both of them laugh about it. 921 BBT - Annie yelling to someone, to show a weiner. 921 BBT - The rest of the HGs are sitting in a circle. not sure what they are doing. Enzo just walked into the house.
  4. bb11addict

    CBS Petition - We Want 3 Hour Season Finale

    to be honest, we have to ask for more. the more we ask. the better off we are. if we ask for 2 hours, we might only get an extra 30 minutes. we need 2 ask for more. ask for 3 hours. and maybe just maybe we'll get the 2 hours that we need.
  5. Hey Everyone, Big Brother fans are some of the most loyal reality tv fans out there. Don't you think that we deserve a 3 hour long season finale. Look at Survivor, they get three hours. 2 hours for the finale. and another for the reunion. And WHAT DOES BIG BROTHER GET? NEXT TO NOTHING. 1 LITTLE HOUR FOR SEASON FINALE AND REUNION. SIGN THE PETITION http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bb113hrfinale/
  6. bb11addict

    Dollhouse on FOX

    so what does everyone think of this show? i love dollhouse. so happy that it was renewed for another season. im glad that FOX gave this show a chance to gain viewers.
  7. bb11addict

    Secret Life Of The American Teenager

    OMFG. i cant wait for the new season. i was addicted to this show. my mom loves this show. and so does my brother. this show is so good.
  8. bb11addict


    just watched the pilot a little while ago. looks like a good show.
  9. bb11addict

    Big Brother in the Media

    the latest commercial from the CBS website when they launched the new site
  10. hey, you might want to change wednesday to thursday because they moved the eviction night
  11. bb11addict


    well due to uncontrollable circumstances that have come about. i am being forced to close my blog. i just received an e-mail directly from cbs.com about my blog containing copyrighted videos, photos, and content. which i knew from the beginning but I never thought would ever be found. well, i will be closing the site at the end of the day today. which sucks really bad, but its something that I have to do.
  12. bb11addict


    new alert added. renny's movie starness - who said that and why? new diary sessions added. all 10 remaining houseguests april, dan, jerry, jessie, keesha, libra, memphis, michelle, ollie, renny enjoy! check them out Big Brother Mobile Online
  13. bb11addict


    one more new alert april and libra have a tizzy - about what?
  14. bb11addict


    lots of new alerts dan imitates renny - but how? earthquake! - how did the house react? memphis loses it - loses it on who? jerry apologizes to memphis - about what? keesha gives it to jessie - what did he do now? jessie gets on my nerves - whos nerves? keesha blows up on april - but why? what happen? and new diary sessions from the remaining houseguests april, dan, jerry, jessie, keesha, libra, memphis, michelle, ollie, renny and the last diary session from angie, the most recent evictee
  15. bb11addict


    2 brand spankin new alerts added jessie vs. libra what are they bitching about back and forth? hi-def diary room crisis who told them that? whos worried about their wrinkles on camera?